Faculty & Staff Directory



Adams, David - Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology; Coordinator of International Seminary Exchange Programs adamsd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7144
Allen, Steven (Ray) - Assistant Site Director/Maintenance Repair, C&W Services, Environmental Services allens@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7339
Appelbaum, Melanie - Assistant Editor, Seminary Publications appelbaumm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7117
Arand, Charles - Professor of Systematic Theology; Dean of Theological Research and Publications; Directorof Center for Care of Creation; The Eugene E. and Nell S. Fincke Graduate Professor of Theology arandc@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7125
Arnold, Ryan - Media Technology Specialist, Technology Services arnoldr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7024
Ave, Melanie - Manager, Communications, Communications/Creative Services avem@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7378


Bartelt, Andrew - Professor of Exegetical Theology; Director of Specific Ministry Pastor Program; The Gustav and Sophie Butterbach Professor of Exegetical Theology bartelta@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7013
Becherer, Carla - Coordinator, Health and Wellness bechererc@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7332
Becker, Joan - Manager, Helpdesk, Technology Services beckerj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7241
Becker, Wallace - Director, Placement; Assistant Director, Specific Ministry Pastor Program; Assistant to the Director, Vicarage and Deaconess Internships beckerw@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7201
Bennett, Erika - Coordinator, Continuing Education; Administrator, Campus Store bennette@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7286
Berger, David - Professor Emeritus bergerd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7040
Berkwit, Lewis - Manager, Annual Fund, Sustaining Fund berkwitl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7355
Biermann, Joel - Professor of Systematic Theology; Faculty Marshall; The Waldemar A. and June Schuette Professor of Systematic Theology biermannj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7567
Biggs, Vicki - Senior Vice President, Seminary Advancement Office biggsv@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7266
Blackmon, Sarah - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund blackmons@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7252
Bode, Gerhard - Associate Professor of Historical Theology; Dean of Advanced Studies; Archivist bodeg@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7391
Bond, Gillian - Director, Residential Deaconess Program; Administrative Assistant, Specific Ministry Pastor Program (SMP) bondg@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7114
Phone: 314-505-7764
Borcherding, Alan - Director, Research, Assessment and Academic Programming borcherdinga@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7763
Bostic, Marla - Cashier, Campus Store bosticma@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7319
Bostic, Melodie - Senior Coordinator, Alumni and Congregation Relations, Alumni Relations bosticm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7626
Braddy, Kim - Manager, Advancement Operations and Events, Seminary Advancement Office braddyk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7362
Brauer, James - Professor Emeritus brauerj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7022
Broge, Jason - Director, Curriculum Design and Development, Research, Assessment and Academic Programming brogej@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7092
Bunte, Cindy - Coordinator, Food Bank buntec@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7029
Burreson, Kent - Associate Professor of Systematic Theology; Dean of the Chapel; The Louis A. Fincke and Anna B. Shine Professor of Systematic Theology burresonk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7569


Campise, Maureen - Administrative Assistant, Vicarage and Deaconess Internships campisem@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7210
Carr, William - Professor Emeritus
Cattoor, Chad - Chief Financial Officer; Senior Vice President cattoorc@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7304
Chapman, Kimberely - Administrator, Residential Services chapmank@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7324
Chen, XiaoPei (Pei) - Graphic Designer, Communications/Creative Services chenx@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7380
Church, Donna - Librarian, Access Services, Library Services churchd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7034


Daley, Matthew - Controller daleym@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7306
Daniels, Kathy - Executive Assistant, Office of the Provost; Executive Assistant, Dean of Faculty danielsk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7012
Davis, LaShundra - Coordinator, Accounts Receivable, Accounting Office davisl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7309
Davitz, Pamela - Executive Assistant, Office of the President davitzp@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7010
Dost, Timothy - Associate Professorof Historical Theology; Faculty Secretary dostt@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7142
Dow, Roger - Senior Gift Officer, Seminary Support dowr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7264


Egger, Thomas - Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology; Academic Advisor for First Year Students eggert@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7368
Elowsky, Joel - Professorof Historical Theology; Directorof The Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts elowskyj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7106
Evans, Tom - Grant Writer, Seminary Support-Campaigns evanst@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7261


Flynn, Michael - Director, Principal Gifts, Seminary Support flynnm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7263
Foreman, Ray - Learning Management System Specialist, Technology Services foremanr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7383
Francois, James - Software Developer, Technology Services francoisj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7237


Gibbs, Jeffrey - Professor, Exegetical Theology gibbsj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7110
Graudin, Arthur - Professor Emeritus graudina@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7153
Groll, Douglas - Professor Emeritus


Hague, Martin - Director, Campus Facilities haguem@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7313
Halm, Susan - Manager, Gift Planning Support, Seminary Support halms@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7595
Harrell, Elaine - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund harrelle@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7244
Harris, Lara - Director, Campus Services harrisl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7336
Hartung, Bruce - Professor Emeritus hartungb@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7105
Haupt, Benjamin - Assistant Professor of Practical Theology; Director of Library Services hauptb@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7037
Haupt, Mary (Celina) - Women’s Coordinator, Families in Transition, Ministerial Formation hauptc@csl.edu
Hemmer, Laura - Director, Financial Aid Office hemmerl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7203
Herrmann, Erik - Associate Professor of Historical Theology; Chairman, Department of Historical Theology; Director of The Center for Reformation Research; Director of Theological Resources and Special Projects herrmanne@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7389
Hines, Maria - Programmer Analyst, Technology Services hinesm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7240
Hoeltke, Beth - Director of the Graduate School; Administrator, Public Services, Library Services hoeltkeb@csl.edu
Phone: 314- 505-7031
Holder, Scott - Admissions Officer, Ministerial Recruitment and Admissions holders@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7225


James, Chris - Administrative Assistant, Seminary Support jamesc@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7597
Jostes, Richard - Senior Gift Officer, Seminary Support jostesr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7352


Karrer, Anita - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund karrera@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7259
Kassel, Sarah - Coordinator, Financial Aid Office kassels@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7206
Kempff, Mark - Assistant to Director, Center for Hispanic Studies (CHS); Instructor, Center for Hispanic Studies (CHS); Assistant to Director, Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology kempffm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7271
Klinger, John - Chief Information Officer, Technology Services klingerj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7384
Kloha, Jeffrey - Provost; Professor of Exegetical Theology klohaj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7566
Kogler, Kenneth - Senior Applications Manager, Technology Services koglerk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7230
Kolb, Robert - Professor Emeritus, International Research kolbr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7115


Lay, Roy - Catering Manager, Fresh Ideas, Food Services layr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7321
Lewis, David - Assistant Professor of Exegetical Theology; Director of Certification lewisd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7387
Logan, Ruby - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund loganr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7243
Louis, Michael - Chief Operating Officer; Executive Vice President louism@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7301
Loum, Hannah - Coordinator, Re-Sell-It Shop loumh@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7209
Loum, John - Director, Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology loumj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7076


Manteufel, Thomas - Professor Emeritus manteufelt@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7135
Marriott, James - Director, Musical Arts marriottj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7118
Marrs, Richard - Associate Professor of Practical Theology; Director of the Master of Divinity & Residential Alternate Route Program marrsr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7287
Mathias, Aaron (Kelsey) - Research Analyst, Seminary Support mathiask@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7627
Mattson, Daniel - Academic Assistant for Ministerial Formation mattsond@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7169
Matzenbacher, Gina - Administrative Assistant, Registrar's Office matzenbacherg@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7107
Maxwell, David - Professor of Systematic Theology; The Louis A. Fincke and Anna B. Shine Professor of Systematic Theology maxwelld@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7385
McMeans, Katherine - Administrator, Campus Safety and Security mcmeansk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7088
Mendez, Lewis - Web Developer, Communications/Creative Services mendezl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7267
Menneke, Beth - Registrar, Registrar's Office mennekeb@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7761
Meyer, Dale - Professor, Practical Theology; President meyerd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7011
Myers, Thomas - Director, Human Resources myerst@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7329


Nafzger, Peter - Assistant Professor of Practical Theology nafzgerp@csl.edu
Nava, Jaime - Admissions Officer, Ministerial Recruitment and Admissions navaj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7224
Nielsen, Glenn - Professor of Practical Theology; Director of Placement; Director of Vicarage and Deaconess Internships nielseng@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7211


O'Brien, Alix-Ann - Coordinator, Campus Events obriena@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7337
Okamoto, Joel - Interim Chief Academic Officer; Associate Professor of Systematic Theology; Chairman, Department of Systematic Theology; The Waldemar and Mary Griesbach Professor of Systematic Theology okamotoj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7152
Oldani, Jerrie - Administrator, Mailroom/Copy Center, Campus Services; Administrator, Purchasing, Campus Services; Administrator, Switchboard/Welcome Center, Campus Services oldanij@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7312
Oliver, Wayne - Sr. Gift Officer, Seminary Support oliverw@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7257
Oschwald, Jeffrey - Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology; Chairman, Department of Exegetical Theology oschwaldj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7146
Oschwald, Jill - Library Acquisitions Assistant, Library Services oschwaldji@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7045


Parker, Diane - Senior Administrative Assistant, Ministerial Recruitment and Admissions parkerd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7200
Perry, Shakita - Administrative Assistant, Graduate School perrys@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7102
Peter, David - Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Chairman, Department of Practical Theology; Placement Counselor peterd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7101
Poneleit, Michelle - Graphic Designer, Communications/Creative Services meierm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7379
Priebe, David - Senior Gift Officer, Seminary Support priebed@csl.edu


Raabe, Paul - Professor of Exegetical Theology raabep@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7128
Raj, Victor - Professor of Exegetical Theology; Assistant Director of the Institute for Mission Studies; Mission Professor; The Buehner-Duesenberg Professor of Missions rajv@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7116
Ralphs, Tony - Director, Fresh Ideas, Food Services ralphst@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7321
Rehkop, Thomas - Executive Director, Seminary Support rehkopt@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7258
Robinson, Paul - Interim Provost; Professor of Historical Theology; Dean of Faculty robinsonp@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7133
Rockenbach, Mark - Associate Professor of Practical Theology; Advisor of Personal Growth and Leadership Development rockenbachm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7109
Roediger, Deborah - Senior Administrative Assistant, Ministerial Formation roedigerd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7123
Rollings, Jayna - Manager, Creative Services, Communications/Creative Services rollingsj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7376
Rosin, Robert - Professor Emeritus rosinr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7134
Rossow, Francis - Professor Emeritus
Phone: 314-505-7154
Rowold, Henry - Professor Emeritus, International Research rowoldh@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7136


Saleska, Timothy - Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology; Dean of Ministerial Formation saleskat@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7130
Sanchez, Leopoldo - Professor of Systematic Theology; Director of the Center for Hispanic Studies; The Werner R. H. Krause and Elizabeth Ringger Krause Professor of Hispanic Ministries sanchezl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7273
Schaefer, Evan - Network Administrator, Technology Services schaefere@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7247
Schmitt, David - Professor of Practical Theology; The Gregg H. Benidt Memorial Professor of Homiletics and Literature schmittd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7137
Scholl, Travis - Managing Editor, Seminary Publications schollt@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7132
Schrader, Lisa - Coordinator, Payroll and Accounts Payable, Accounting Office schraderl@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7307
Schuchard, Bruce - Professor of Exegetical Theology schuchardb@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7103
Schumacher, William - Professor of Historical Theology; Professor of Historical Theology; Director of the Institute for Mission Studies schumacherw@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7112
Scott, Fraddia - Gift by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund scottf@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7351
Security, Campus - Campus Safety and Security
Phone: 314-565-4690
Seifrid, Mark - Professor of Exegetical Theology seifridm@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7119
Seitz, Wayne - Coordinator, Digital Services, Library Services seitzw@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7038
Seying, Laokouxang (Kou) - Associate Professor of Practical Theology; Associate Dean of the Urban and Cross Cultural Ministry; The Lutheran Foundation Professor of Urban and Cross-Cultural Ministry seyingk@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7077
Shedlofsky, Joel - Librarian, Technical Services, Library Services shedlofskyj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7042
Sieveking, Paul - Director, Continuing Education; Campus Chaplain sievekingp@csl.edu
Sommer, Valerie - Director, Advancement Services-Gift Operations sommerv@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7593
Stancliff, Eric - Librarian, Collection Management, Library Services stancliffe@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7033
Stegall, Vetra - Coordinator, Gift by Phone, Sustaining Fund stegallv@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7363


Thormodson, Jeffrey - Interim Director, Resident Field Education; Assistant Director, Vicarage and Deaconess Internships thormodsonj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7108
Turner, Darian - Site Planner/Scheduler, C&W Services, Environmental Services turnerd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7333


Velius, Rachael - Gift Processing Operator, Advancement Services-Gift Operations veliusr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7245
Voelz, James - Graduate Professor of Exegetical Theology; The Dr. Jack Dean Kingsbury Professor of New Testament Theology voelzj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7138


Wade, Nate - Site Director/Maintenance Repair, C&W Services, Environmental Services waden@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7330
Wagener, Jennifer - Gift Processing Operator, Advancement Services-Gift Operations wagenerj@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7219
Ward, Dale - Senior Media Producer, Communications/Creative Services wardd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7239
Warneck, Richard - Professor Emeritus warneckr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7140
Weise, Robert - Professor Emeritus weiser@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7141
Werner, Donna - Administrative Assistant, Resident Field Education wernerd@csl.edu
Vicarage Phone: 314-505-7167
Westbrooks, Tamara - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund westbrookst@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7254
Whitcomb, Cathy - Executive Assistant, Placement; Executive Assistant for Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) whitcombc@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7370
White, Matthew - Gift by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund whitem@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7253
Whitford, Shypronia (Toni) - Gifts by Phone Caller, Sustaining Fund whitfords@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7246
Whittle, Kendra - Communications Specialist, Communications/Creative Services whittlek@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7375
Winkler, Rae - General Ledger Accountant, Accounting Office winklerr@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7308
Wolf, Blake - Director, Sustaining Fund wolfb@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7364
Wollenburg, David - Professor Emeritus wollenburgd@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7139
Wrede, Bill - Director, Ministerial Recruitment and Admissions wredew@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7221


Zollmann, Gayle - Coordinator, Grounds, Environmental Services zollmanng@csl.edu
Phone: 314-505-7341