Master of Arts (MA)

The purpose of studying for the degree of Master of Arts (M.A.) is to acquire a general competence in Biblical and doctrinal theology, including a major in one area of theology. A student who completes the M.A. program may apply for admission either to the S.T.M. or to the Ph.D. program.

Prior to matriculation, all M.A. students must demonstrate proficiency in basic Christian doctrine (as represented especially in Luther’s Small and Large Catechisms), Old Testament content, and New Testament content. Proficiency may be demonstrated either by passing proficiency examinations administered by Concordia Seminary or by passing applicable courses (credit not applicable to the M.A. degree) at Concordia Seminary. Students are encouraged to take these exams as early as possible in the application process. If the exam is not passed on the first attempt, the student may either attempt the exam once more or register for the associated pre-seminary course during the summer term preceding matriculation.

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