Student Life


Dormitory housing for single male students residing on campus is normally not a problem, provided that the student makes a request to the Office of Residential Services in a timely manner. Five apartments have been reserved for single women in programs of the Graduate School. On-campus housing for married graduate students is available upon approval of application to Residential Services. The relocation specialist in the Admissions Office has extensive listings of affordable housing throughout St. Louis.


The Graduate School seeks to keep graduate students informed at all times of developments in their programs, dates of examinations, and deadlines for the submission of materials, as well as to provide news that may be of general interest. Several outlets for this exist, including Daily Announcements, e-mail notifications sent to CSL student accounts, the Graduate Studies Bulletin, and the Graduate School section of the Seminary’s Portal site.

Orientation Sessions

Specific meetings designed to inform graduate students will be held on a regular basis. The first and primary of these occurs during the orientation week before the beginning of the academic year (a brochure with a detailed schedule for orientation week is included in a package of registration materials sent to those graduate students who are anticipated to be present in the Fall Quarter). All new students are especially expected to attend this general orientation week meeting. In addition, a session will be held to orient students to the library, its holdings, and the services of its staff during the orientation week. Again, all new students are expected to take advantage of this session.

Graduate Studies Bulletin

A source of additional and essential information is the Graduate Studies Bulletin. The Bulletin is published in the fall, winter, and spring of each year and contains specific information on programs and reports on faculty doings that are of interest to graduate students, as well as other matters of interest to students and faculty alike.

Web pages and E-mail

The web pages for the Graduate School post announcements and make available forms and information needed by students. The Graduate School also manages an e-mail distribution list for the purpose of keeping students informed by means of their CSL student accounts.

Social Aspects

The social life of graduate students is extremely important, for they are part of a community of thinkers with like interests, and they seek to grow in their ability to relate to those fellow scholars on both an academic and personal level. Regular get-togethers are scheduled for the discussion of issues, topics, and current student projects. Especially important in this regard is the interaction with visiting scholars who may be either teaching or presenting a public lecture on the campus. By such interaction, students become comfortable with authorities in various disciplines with whom they will one day become peers.


As noted above, the motto of Concordia Seminary’s Graduate School is “Addressing Contemporary Issues with the Historic Christian Faith.” Congruent with this motto is a commitment of the Graduate School to encourage students to worship our good and gracious God on a regular basis in a local congregation. Daily chapel services also are conducted Monday through Friday, whenever classes are in session.