Gainful Employment Disclosure

Concordia Seminary Alternate Route Certificate Program (Residential) Gainful Employment Financial Aid Fact Sheet

This program prepares students to enter the following occupation, Clergy (21-2011.00).  You may view the occupational profile on O*NET here
It consists of two years on campus coursework and one additional year of vicarage (internship).

Estimated Costs to Complete the Program

Tuition $73,360*
Books & Supplies $3,600
Room & Board (On-Campus) $16,374
Technology Fee $210
Health Insurance $5,352 (student only)

*Institutional financial aid may offset the tuition figure with a minimum grant of $27,183.  This is based only on the Residential Programs grant of 25% and the full vicarage tuition coverage.  Additional grants such as Adopt-A-Student, Endowments and Merit Scholarships may decrease the above tuition, please see the additional information below which explains in further detail.

Average Net Amount of Student Responsibility for Tuition

Tuition $73,360
Residential Programs Grant $15,393
Vicarage Grant* $11,070
Average Adopt-A-Student Grant $10,000
Average Endowment $2,400
Net Amount $33,777

*During Vicarage year, the seminary has agreed to cover the difference between tuition and the amount which is received from Home Congregation, District, Adopt-A-Student, Endowments and any other seminary funding.  Currently the vicarage tuition is $11,790 based on 18 credit hours.

Support for Tuition

It is the goal of Concordia Seminary to provide or facilitate average financial assistance to M.Div. and Certificate Program students totaling approximately 52% of published tuition.  This financial assistance comes in many forms and at least part of the amount any individual student receives is dependent upon his own individual efforts.  The maximum amount of financial assistance is not limited and comes from the following sources:

  • Residential Programs Grant of (25%)-This amount is guaranteed.
  • Adopt-A-Student Grant averaging $5,000 – The actual amount could be higher or lower. This amount will vary and will be based on the relationships that can be built between students and “adopters” as facilitated by the seminary. It is contingent upon filing required applications on time and complying with the Adopt-A-Student communication requirements. Opportunity to suggest potential adopters is provided on the application form.
  • Priority Endowment Scholarships averaging $1,200 – This amount is based on income from endowments where the donor has requested the award be made to students with specific qualifications (ethnic origin, Synodical District, geographic area, academic performance, etc.). The amount stated is an average based on current enrollment projections and endowment balances.
  • Merit & Presidential Scholarships: $1,000 for passing the little ELCEs prior to April 30.

Some additional averages of other sources of aid (only based on previous year average)

Average amount of District assistance

  • $2,192

Average amount of Home Congregation assistance

  • $1,954

Average amount of outside assistance (gift aid, scholarships, etc.)

  • $2.426

Student Indebtedness (based on Stafford Student Loans only for all Alternate Route and MDiv students combined, MDiv students attend one additional year)

Average amount of indebtedness for the students who graduated in May 2013          – $33,599