MA with Deaconess Certification

Women seeking certification as a Deaconess may also apply to the Graduate School and choose a major in practical, systematic or exegetical theology in a 78-hour degree program. Those students who pursue this alternative must apply to the Graduate School for admission to its program and satisfy its academic requirements for the granting of the degree. The student must also qualify for admission to the M.A. in Deaconess Studies and satisfy its ecclesiastical requirements for certification.

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Credit Distribution

Systematic Theology (18 credit hours)

S100 Lutheran Mind (3)
S115 Systematics I (3)
S116 Systematics II (3)
S117 Systematics III (3)
S124 Lutheran Confessions I (3)
S125 Lutheran Confessions II (3)

Practical Theology (24 credit hours)

P180 Foundations of Deaconess Ministry (3)
P185 Spiritual Care of Women (3)
P467 Theology of Compassion & Human Care (3)
and one of the following courses
P103 Pastor as Counselor (3)
P120 Pastor as Educator (3)
4 PXXX electives in Practical Theology

Electives (17 credit hours)

E102 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)
E109 Biblical Theology (2)
H100 Introduction to Historical Theology (3)
HXXX elective in Historical Theology (3)
S444 Theological Ethics (3)
1 three credit hour elective (3)

Internship (19 credit hours)

DC300 Internship (18)
DC203 Post-Internship Seminar (1)

For additional information please contact the Assistant Director of Deaconess Studies at 314-505-7114;