Academic Standards

Students are expected to maintain the highest level of scholar­ship of which they are capable. Concordia Seminary assumes that students are mature enough to determine, with the assistance of available counsel, when activities other than class work are benefi­cial and when they are detrimental to satisfactory progress. Such activities include participation in on- or off-campus organizations, and employment.

Satisfactory Progress

A minimum curriculum grade point average (curriculum GPA) of 2.35 is required for satisfactory progress toward the M.A. in Dea­coness Studies degree, where satisfactory progress includes, first, eligibility to receive a vicarage assignment, later, eligibility for certifi­cation and placement (first Call) and, finally, eligibility to receive the theological diploma and the M.A. in Deaconess Studies degree.

Academic Probation

A student whose curriculum GPA falls below 2.35 or whose grade point average in any quarter (term GPA) falls below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation. The probationary status serves as a warning that the student is not making satisfactory progress and, unless improvement is achieved, will be subject to dismissal from the Seminary. The director of the deaconess studies program and/or the dean of ministerial formation will meet with the student to identify factors which may have contributed to the unsatisfactory academic performance and to help establish strategies for improve­ment. A student who continues on academic probation for two con­secutive quarters may be dismissed because of academic deficiency.NOTE: The director of financial aid is notified when students are placed on academic probation, and there may be financial aid con­sequences (for example, reduction of grants, limits on new educa­tion loan disbursements). Students who are placed on academic probation will be directed to meet with the director of financial aid.


A student who wishes to withdraw from the deaconess stud­ies program must consult the director of the deaconess studies program before withdrawing (the director may direct the student to meet also with the dean of ministerial formation). To withdraw as a student in good standing, the student must have a satisfactory re­cord of conduct and must have satisfied all obligations to the school (e.g., return all checked-out books to the library, clear accounts with finance and financial aid).


Concordia Seminary retains the authority to dismiss students, but exercises this authority with considerable restraint.

Granting Of Degree

The Master of Arts in Deaconess Studies will be conferred upon satisfactory completion of all academic and professional training requirements.