General Requirements

The M.A. in Deaconess Studies is designed to prepare women to serve the church of today in competent diaconal ministry. The curriculum requires 66 quarter hours of credit and is designed so that ordinarily it can be completed in three years, including the internship.

Curricular Practical Training

Resident Field Education

Each deaconess student will participate for four hours per week during six academic quarters in Resident Field Education (RFE). As­signments will be made in congregational and institutional ministry settings in order to develop diaconal skills under the supervision of an experienced pastor or deaconess. Submission of regular reports by the student and the supervisor are required elements for satisfac­tory performance of field education assignments.


A 12-month internship is required of all deaconess students. The internship ordinarily follows the completion of all class work and field education requirements.

Credit Distribution

Exegetical Theology (5 credit hours)

E102 Biblical Hermeneutics (3)
E109 Biblical Theology (2)

Historical Theology (6 credit hours)

H100 Introduction to Historical Theology (3)
HXXX Elective in Historical Theology (3)

Systematic Theology (12 credit hours)

S100 Lutheran Mind (3)
S124 Lutheran Confessions I (3)
S125 Lutheran Confessions II (3)
S444 Theological Ethics (3)

Practical Theology (12 credit hours)

P180 Foundations of Deaconess Ministry (3)
P185 Spiritual Care of Women (3)
P467 Theology of Compassion & Human Care (3)
and one of the following courses
P103 Pastor as Counselor (3)
P120 Pastor as Educator (3)

Free Electives (12 credit hours)

Refer to the current Academic Catalog for a listing of available courses

Internship (19 credit hours)

DC300 Internship (18)
DC203 Post-Internship Seminar (1)