Certification & Placement

Faculty Certification

A student must spend at least one full year at a synodical seminary prior to his placement and serve a vicarage assigned by the Board of Assignments of the Synod. Also, in order for a student to be declared qualified for a first call and recommended by the faculty for the Office of the Public Ministry, the faculty must be satisfied that the student will meet all personal, professional, and theological requirements of the office.

After the Division of Ministerial Formation has expressed satisfaction that the student is ready for the certification process, the student enters the certification process. The Director of Certification arranges for the student to meet with a faculty team (normally 2 faculty members) for his certification interview. When the faculty team is confident of the student’s readiness, the team recommends certification to the plenary faculty; students are normally approved by vote of the faculty in plenary session.


A candidate declared qualified for a first call shall have indicated complete dedication to the ministry and evidenced a readiness for service in the church. He shall receive his first call through an assignment by the Council of Presidents acting as the Board of Assignments of the Synod.