Course Load

Student Standing

Completion of the M.Div. curriculum within four years requires that a student assume a course load averaging just over 13 credit hours per quarter. A normal course load is four to five courses per quarter.

Students enrolled in the M.Div. program are classified as full-time students if they are registered for at least nine credit hours. Students must be enrolled in at least five credit hours in order to keep any education loans in deferment. Loads of less than nine hours are not encouraged and may be assumed only after consultation with the director of the M.Div. program.

Students may not register for more than 16 credit hours (12 hours in the Summer Quarter) without permission of the faculty. A student who wishes to register for an overload must apply to the faculty, through the director of the M.Div. program, and must carry a minimum curriculum GPA of 3.0.


Students in the M.Div. program are classified each quarter by the number of curriculum hours earned toward the degree (the 18 hours of vicarage credit are not counted in the calculations below):

  • 0-33 hours – I-Year
  • 34-77 hours – II-Year
  • 78+ hours – IV-Year