International Study Programs

International Seminary Exchange Programs (England, Germany, Brazil, Korea)

Concordia Seminary has established protocols with several partnering seminaries for overseas exchange programs for M.Div. students. These programs are primarily for enrichment; however, most participants do earn some M.Div. credits by transfer. M.Div. students are eligible who ordinarily have achieved second-year (34 M.Div. credit hours completed) classification, with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher. The duration of these exchanges is one academic year (except the Korea site, which is one academic quarter). Interested students should contact the coordinator for international seminary exchange programs or the registrar for more information.

Jerusalem University College

Concordia Seminary is an Associate School in cooperation with Jerusalem University College (JUC; formerly the Institute of Holy Land Studies), which offers unique opportunities for the study of archaeology through on-site courses and field expeditions in the Holy Land. Up to six credit hours may be earned at JUC and applied to the M.Div. program. Additional information may be obtained from the department of exegetical theology (regarding courses), the director of financial aid (regarding financial aid), and the registrar (regarding transfer of credits).