On-Campus: Single Students

Single students will have the option of living in a residence hall or seeking off-campus housing. For those students who choose to live on campus, the current meal plan consists of 10 meals per week(lunch Monday – Saturday and dinner Monday – Thursday). The Seminary provides dormitory housing for single male students. These facilities offer three types of accommodations: double occupancy room, private room, and private double room.

The Seminary also provides on-campus housing options for female students.  Please contact the Office of Residential Services for additional information.

Residence hall rooms are furnished with a desk, chair, bookshelf, dresser or chest of drawers, wardrobe or closet, and a bed with mattress. Students furnish their own pillows, linens, blankets, desk lamps, etc…  Coin-operated laundry facilities are located conveniently on campus.

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On-Campus: Married Students

The Seminary owns apartment units for married students. Units can be configured for 2-4 bedrooms. Each apartment has a stove and refrigerator but is otherwise unfurnished. Each unit has a small storage area assigned to that unit. All Founders Way apartment buildings have laundry hookups in the basement. All the apartments offer comfortable and convenient accommodations for a married couple. Pets are not permitted in Seminary-owned apartments. The demand is high each year for the available Seminary-owned apartments. Apartment availability and ability to take possession of a unit is dependent upon the existing tenants move out date. Rental rates are competitive with the local market.

Housing Costs & Descriptions Married Housing Brochure
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Meal Plans

Students living in residence halls are required to participate in the 10 midday meal plan. The meal plan consists of 6 midday meals (lunch Monday – Friday, and brunch on Saturday), and 4 evening meals (Monday – Thursday). The food service staff makes choices available for students with special dietary needs. Meal service is not available during breaks or when campus is closed. There are a number of restaurants as well as a grocery store within walking distance of the campus which can be beneficial during times that food service is not provided.  The following new meal plans have been added to accommodate non-residence hall students:

  • Option #1 = 40 lunch buffets per term for $320 (billable to student account)
  • Option #2 = 40 lunch buffets and 40 dinner buffets per term for $640 (billable to student account)

Declining Balance –  any dollar amount can be added to a student’s id card for his/her convenience; however it is not billable to the student’s account.

Application Process

Applications for Seminary owned married student housing, are available upon request in January of each calendar year from Kim Chapman, Administrator, Residential Services (residentialservices@csl.edu). The housing application deadline is March 31st. Students are encouraged to apply early for priority consideration of their specific housing needs.

Who takes care of the property?

The Seminary maintenance staff or its agents are responsible for making all repairs and necessary improvements. For the sake of preserving the Seminary’s property, prompt requests for repairs or maintenance on any housing and timely suggestions for improvement should be submitted directly to DTZ Maintenance via the online “DTZ Work Request” link on SemNet.  In emergency situations residents should immediately call Maintenance at 314-505-7330 (Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.) or Campus Security at 314-565-4690. Seminary personnel will conduct visual inspections of the apartments occasionally to note their general condition and to check for health, fire and safety hazards. Tenants should secure a renters’ insurance policy upon taking up residence.


Helpful Links

Area Housing Resource List for accepted applicants and current students*

*(Password required; can be obtained by contacting the Residential Services Office at 314-505-7324. Please note the information included in this document is not an endorsement of, nor recommendation for, the properties listed.   When entering a rental/leasing agreement please be discerning and thoroughly review the agreement).

Housing Search Aids

Apartments.com (searchable index of metro apartment complexes)
Apartment Guide (apartment complexes for metro area)
Rentals.com (rental homes, duplexes, and apartments)

Items to keep in mind when considering off-campus housing

  • Physically inspect the apartment unit/complex. Do not rent an apartment based solely on an ad.
  • If renting or purchasing an older property be sure to check for the following:
    • Lead paint
    • 3 prong outlets
    • Heating/cooling system
    • Windows (units that are not well insulated will greatly impact your monthly utility expenses).
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with what level apartment unit you desire to live on (i.e. ground floor verses second floor).
  • Consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment complex (i.e. barking dogs, etc..).
  • Carefully read over the terms of a lease prior to signing on the dotted line.
  • Confirm that the landlord/property management company is responsible for lawn care and/or snow removal.
  • Check basement/storage areas of apartment complex to ensure there is not a musty/mildew smell which often can be an indication of moisture/foundation leaks etc.
  • Renter’s insurance is always recommended.