Housing Costs and Descriptions

General Information

Single Students

Single students are not required to live on-campus.

Housing Options for Single Male Students


  • Three different types of dorm rooms are available:
    • Double Occupancy
    • Private Room
    • Private Double Room
  • Room and board rates include 10 meals per week:
    • 6 Midday Meals
      • Lunch: Monday – Friday
      • Brunch: Saturday
    • 4 Evening Meals
      • Dinner: Monday – Thursday
  • Furnishing provided: bed with mattress, nightstand, dresser, desk, chair, and bookshelf
  • Internet access in each dorm room
  • Community lounge featuring wireless internet access, basic cable, lounge furniture, kitchenette with microwave and full size refrigerator (no stove).

Room & Board Rates

Summer 2013-2014 2014-2015 Academic Year
(per quarter)
Double Occupancy $2,630 $6,600
Private Room $2,930 $7,500
Private Double Room $3,330 $8,700

Off-Campus Housing

  • Apartment rental
  • Housing rental
  • Average apartment rental rates in the immediate surrounding area:
    • 1 bedroom: $600 – $800 per month
    • 2 bedroom: $700 – $1000 per month
  • Other costs associated with rental properties
    • Tenant should secure renter insurance.
    • Ensure that the landlord is responsible for paying the trash, sewer, and water utilities.
    • Tenant responsibilities may include, but are not limited to gas, electric, cable, internet and telephone services.
      • In the immediate area average cost for apartment utilities $150 -$250 for gas and electric (variable based on season, and tenant usage)
      • Charter bundle packages range from $30.00 – $150.00 per month based on your needs (subject to change)

Students living off campus have the ability to participate in the following cummuter meal plans which can be billed to a student account.

  • Option #1 — 40 lunches per term for $280
  • Option #2 — 40 lunches and 40 dinners per term for $580

Married Students

On Campus: The Woods Apartments on Founders Way

There are 74 on-campus apartment units for married students and their families. Each unit is unfurnished,  can be configured as two to four bedroom units, air conditioning, washer & dryer hook-ups, local telephone services, basic Charter cable, and Charter high speed Internet access. The electric bill is the only utility that tenants are responsible for paying that is not included in the monthly rent.

Monthly Rent for Founders Way Apartments:
2 Bedroom – $715 per month
3 Bedroom – $800 per month
4 Bedroom – $850 per month
2 Bedroom Townhouse – $750 per month
3 Bedroom Townhouse – $875 per month

Monthly Rent for Fritz Hall Apartments:
1 Bedroom – $700 per month
2 Bedroom – $725 per month


Questions? Contact Kim Chapman at 314-505-7324 or residentialservices@csl.edu