Scholarship Information

 Applications for the Biermann, Bretzlaff, Dissen, Munderloh, Our Savior, Pelz, Trinity and Wampner-Hoffmyer scholarships are available by request through the Financial Aid Office.  For all other scholarships, we suggest you go to their website or correspond with the organization to request a scholarship application.  Tell them where you plan to attend school and your program of study (e.g. M.Div., MA, etc.).  Scholarships with an asterisks (*) next to the name are only available for M.Div. and Alternate Route students.  Also, be sure to contact your District LWML and LLL for any scholarships which they may award.

American Legion – Commander’s Scholarship

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Resident of the state of Missouri who has served in the U.S. Armed Forces for a minimum of 90 days and received an Honorable Discharge; must be enrolled or accepted as a full-time student at an accredited institution in the state of Missouri.
  • DEADLINE:  April 20


*Juliette M. Atherton Scholarship – Seminary Studies

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Resident of Hawaii attending an accredited graduate school of theology with the goal of being ordained in an established protestant denomination.  Maintain a minimum 2.7 GPA.
  • DEADLINE:  February 20


*Beta Sigma Psi Alumni Seminarian Scholarship

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicant must be a Beta Sigma Psi alumni studying to become a Lutheran pastor and must be in good standing.
  • DEADLINE:  May 30


Bethesda Lutheran Student Scholastic and Service Scholarship – Seminarian Students

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Be an active, communicant member of a Lutheran congregation; and have a commitment to inclusion of persons with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in the local parish.
  • DEADLINE:  May 1


Biermann Memorial Scholarship

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicant must be a member of an LCMS church in the state of Missouri and working towards a degree that leads to a career in church work.
  • DEADLINE:  April 30


*Mary E. Bivins Foundation – Ministry Scholarship Program

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Resident of one of the northern most 26 counties of the Texas panhandle, intending to serve as a pulpit pastor upon graduation, have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75/minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 and must enroll and pass 9 hours each semester.
  • DEADLINE:  January 31


Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation

  • Applications should be available in the Financial Aid Office after April 1.  New applicants must request an application from the Financial Aid Office.  Renewal applications will be mailed to students as soon as they are available.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Demonstrated need; are creative, moral, ambitious and conservative; and will be a credit to America.  (Foundation assists educational institutions in the United States and England.)
  • DEADLINE:  May 15


Herbert and Hildegard Brown Scholarship

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicants will be considered in regard to character, talents, leadership and scholastic standing, as well as exhibiting a caring and loving attitude.  Applicant must be a communicant member of an LCMS church located in Northwest Florida and maintain a “C” average.
  • DEADLINE:  March 1


*Opal Dancey Memorial Foundation

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Full-time student in the M.Div. Program and lives or has lived in a Great Lakes state.
  • DEADLINE:  April 15


*The Rev. David V. and Judith Dissen Excellence in the Study of the Lutheran Confessions (Book of Concord) Scholarship Fund

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Be a continuing full-time student in the M.Div. and Alternate Route Programs and possess a cumulative GPA of “A minus” (3.50) or higher.  Demonstrate a “quia” subscription to the Lutheran Confessions.  Confess that Holy Scripture is the “norma Normans” of our Christian doctrine, faith and life and that the Holy Scriptures are indeed inspired, inerrant and infallible.
  • DEADLINE:  May 15


The Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church of North Minneapolis Scholarship


*The International Order of King’s Daughters and Sons

  • Student Ministry Department Director
    P. O. Box 1040Chautauqua, NY  14722-1040
  • REQUESTS for application can be emailed or US mailed and must be sent between December 1 and March 1 only; statement on how you found out about the scholarship, with the institution’s name, and if mailing request include a self-addressed, stamped business size envelope.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Full-time graduate student in the M.Div. Program, be a US or Canadian citizen, and maintain a 3.0 GPA.
  • DEADLINE:  April 1


*Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship Fund

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Must be of Japanese ancestry and enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited Protestant seminary in the United States.  Must be preparing for a ministerial degree and intending to serve a Japanese-American congregation.
  • DEADLINE:  May 31


Julie Ann Jones Memorial Theological Scholarship

  • Sally M. Jones
    P. O. Box 382
    Brenham, TX  77833
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Theological related education, preference given to Washington County, Texas residents and surrounding counties.
  • DEADLINE:  January 31 or August 31


*Munderloh Ministerial Scholarship Foundation

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office after April 1 or at  Students who have already received a Munderloh grant must contact their trustee for renewal information.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Be a full-time student in the M.Div. or Alternate Route Programs and have financial need.  Grant can be re-applied for up to 2 additional years.
  • All requirements of the scholarship are to be sent directly to the Seminary Financial Aid Office.  Also, please do not complete the “Challenge Grant Agreement” until you have been chosen as a recipient of the scholarship.
  • DEADLINE:  June 15


National Federation of the Blind


*Our Savior Lutheran Church Seminary Scholarship – Granbury, TX

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Be a full-time student in the M.Div. or Alternate Route Programs entering the second or fourth year of the traditional M.Div. four-year program.
  • DEADLINE:  May 31


*Ella B. Pelz Pastoral Endowment Fund

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Must be at least a second year student in the M.Div. and Alternate Route Program who demonstrates a strict, active commitment to traditional confessional Lutheran doctrine, as drawn from the Holy Bible by the Lutheran Confessions as contained in the Book of Concord and the historic Lutheran liturgy.  Financial need and cumulative GPA will also be taken into consideration.
  • DEADLINE:  March 1


R.A.S.C.A.L.S. – Robert A. Stehlin Campaign for ALS

  • Applications will be available in late February or early March.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Must be a resident of the state of Missouri and is an ALS patient or be related to one who is an immediate family member.  Must be a full-time student attending an accredited institution and have a GPA of 3.0 or better.
  • DEADLINE:  See foundation website late February or early March


*Siebert Lutheran Foundation

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Must be a member of a Lutheran congregation in the state of Wisconsin and in the M.Div. or Alternate Route Programs.
  • DEADLINE:  July 1


*W. B. Small Trust

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicants must be a full-time Christian student working towards their M.Div. degree at an accredited seminary and have a strong Iowa connection.
  • DEADLINE:  May 15


St. John’s College Alumni Association


Trinity Lutheran Foundation Scholarship – Grand Island, NE

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicant must be a member of an LCMS church from the 007: Grand Island Circuit of Nebraska.
  • DEADLINE:  March 1


The Tulare County Lutheran Scholarship Program for Graduate & Professional Education


Gil and Blondie Vogt Scholarship

  • c/o Pat Hofer
  • REQUESTS:  Applicant may apply by sending an e-mail expressing interest and showing qualifications.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Applicant must be a resident of Nebraska and a member of an LCMS church; desires educational training to pursue an LCMS related vocation; plans to attend a higher education institution or seminary associated with the LCMS; and can demonstrate financial need.
  • DEADLINE:  April 15


Myron J. Walker Scholarship


*Wampner-Hoffmyer Scholarship Fund

  • Applications are available in the Financial Aid Office.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Indiana District resident of LCMS for three years prior to entering the Seminary and working on becoming a pastor.
  • DEADLINE:  Postmarked by June 1


William J. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Fund

  • ELIGIBILITY:  Be a member of the Lutheran denomination, be a resident of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania, maintain good grades, maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 and demonstrate financial need
  • DEADLINE:  April 1





  • Bill Raskob Foundation
  • Loans are interest free.  Repayment begins six months after graduation or studies are terminated.
  • REQUESTS for application must be received between January 1 and April 30.
  • ELIGIBILITY:  Must be an American citizen, enrolled at an accredited institution for the upcoming academic year and must be taking actual coursework (no theses, dissertations or internship/vicarage).
  • DEADLINE:  May 15






All of the above information is also available for download as a PDF: Scholarship Guide