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    • Chapel

Worship Life

Weekly Services

The seminary community is invited to come together Monday through Friday for worship beginning at 9:35am. Our weekly worship schedule generally goes as follows:

  • Monday: Matins or Morning Prayer
  • Tuesday: Daily Morning Prayer or Daily Noon Prayer
  • Wednesday: Eucharist Service
  • Thursday: Prayer and Preaching
  • Friday: Responsive Prayer


Confession and Absolution

Though corporate confession and absolution is offered during Eucharist services about once per month, private confession and absolution is offered by Chaplain Jonathan Stein once a week. Though times vary, private confession is usually offered on Eucharist Day’s at the altar in the afternoon. Check the daily announcements for more information. To schedule a time for private confession and absolution, you may contact Chaplain Stein at steinj@csl.edu.

Prayer Requests

For pray requests, please log onto semnet.csl.edu and click on “Resources.” Then, click on “Chapel,” and finally “Prayer Requests.” You may also submit written prayer requests which are located in the Narthex. Throughout the week, we lift up students, faculty, Concordia schools, partner church bodies, persecuted Christians, Synodical staff, and others to be included in our daily worship through prayer and thanksgiving.