Historical Department

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Gerhard H. Bode, Jr.

Gerhard Bode is assistant professor of historical theology and archivist at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. … Continue reading 

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Timothy P. Dost

Dr. Timothy Dost hails from the Bay Area in California and grew up there for … Continue reading 


Joel Elowsky

Dr. Joel Elowsky is installed as Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Director of the … Continue reading 

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Erik H. Herrmann

Dr. Erik Herrmann joined the faculty of Concordia Seminary as an instructor in Historical Theology … Continue reading 

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Paul W. Robinson

Dr. Paul Robinson is associate professor of historical theology and chair of the Department of … Continue reading 

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Robert L. Rosin

Dr. Robert L. Rosin is professor of historical theology. Concordia Teachers College, River Forest, Ill. … Continue reading 

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William W. Schumacher

Dr. William W. Schumacher is mission association professor of historical theology. Wartburg College, Waverly, Iowa … Continue reading 

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