Support The Library


Donations and gifts of all sizes help the Library fulfill its mission as the research and study center of the Seminary. Please limit gifts in kind, e.g., books, to materials appropriate to a theological library. Advance notice and/or a list of materials available to donate are appreciated. Monetary gifts may be sent directly to the Library or to the Seminary Advancement Office and earmarked for the Library.

Gifts accepted by Concordia Seminary Library become the property of the Seminary. As such, their disposition is determined by the Seminary Library administration.

Restrictions imposed by the donor regarding special care, access, or housing are normally not acceptable. If a volume is intrinsically valuable or rare, the library staff will exercise appropriate judgment regarding access and housing.

Gifts are generally first checked against the library catalog. Books duplicated in the collection or judged inappropriate to the collection may, at the discretion of the library staff,

  • be made available on an exchange list to other libraries;
  • sold to students;
  • or disposed of in some other way to the Library’s or Seminary’s benefit.

Any exceptions to these guidelines must be agreed upon prior to acceptance of any gift.

Donors of large or valuable gifts are encouraged to have their gifts appraised for income or estate tax purposes. Because the library, as the recipient, may be considered an interested party, the IRS may disallow any evaluation made by library staff. Upon request the library will recommend qualified appraisers or organizations to consult for a professional appraisal. For gifts of nominal value, dealer catalogs and tools such as American Book Prices Current , available at many libraries, may provide enough information for the donor to determine his own evaluation. It is finally the donor’s responsibility to support or document any evaluation made for tax purposes.