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Office of the Registrar

Visit the page for the Office of the Registrar to download a Transcript Request Form or the full Academic Catalog.

The Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts (C-SECT)

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, is now launching The Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts (C-SECT) in order to foster collaborative research on the development of biblical texts by scholars, and to generate quality resources for pastors, congregations, and the general public.

Statement of Educational Effectiveness

The curriculum of Concordia Seminary is under continuous review in order that, with suitable revisions, it can prepare its students more thoroughly to serve the church of today.

Detailed curriculum information regarding the various programs is available at the appropriate places within the Academic Catalog, including the ordinary expected duration of each program. Specific matriculation, completion, and placement rates are given in the Statement of Educational Effectiveness.