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Christian stewardship is a vital and necessary part of every congregation’s mission and ministry. The Center for Stewardship is involved in forming healthy stewards and establishing a healthy stewardship culture in congregations. Biblical stewardship resources and stewardship events are provided to teach, train, support, and encourage leaders in examining their own lives as God’s stewards and in leading congregations in intentional and comprehensive biblical stewardship education.



Leading as God’s Steward


Leading as God’s Steward is a stewardship e-book resource provided by the Center for Stewardship at Concordia Seminary. It is intended for pastors and congregational leaders who desire a deeper understanding of Biblical stewardship. The first chapters are included below. Additional chapters will be added as they become available. Additional stewardship resources can be found at

Chapter 1: “A Theological Foundation for Stewardship” by Dr. Joel Biermann

Chapter 2: “The Pastor as Chief Steward: Stewardship in the Congregation” by Dr. David Peter

God’s Story


Stewardship: is it just about money or is there more to it? In this nine session Bible study entitled, God’s Story, Dr. Joel Biermann explores what it means to be God’s steward. Each session contains a student handout and a leader’s guide.

Study 1 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 2 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 3 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 4 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 5 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 6 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 7 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 8 Student Handout Leader’s Guide
Study 9 Student Handout Leader’s Guide


The Center for Stewardship announces a four week stewardship sermon series titled “Money Management According to Malachi” written by Reed Lessing. This sermon series includes sermon notes, sermon texts, worship helps and PowerPoint presentations for each sermon. The series is designed to culminate in a pledging process the fourth week.


Money Management According to Malachi


Book of Malachi Sermon Series (pdf)

The themes for the four sermons are:





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