Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts

The study of the origins and transmission of the Scriptures has received new attention. Christians and non-Christians alike typically are not well-informed about the history of the early Christian church and its writings. Popular media increasingly portrays the development of both the Bible and the Christian church in ways that diminish the authority of Scripture, questioning the authenticity and credibility of early church writings.

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, is now launching The Center for the Study of Early Christian Texts (C-SECT) in order:

  • To foster collaborative research on the development of biblical texts by scholars
  • To generate quality resources for pastors, congregations, and the general public. These resources will be designed to promote the uniquely Lutheran view of Scriptures and their authority, as well as an accurate understanding of how the early Christian church communicated the truth of the Gospel during its formative years.

The Reformation principle of Soli Scriptura has been a foundation of the life of the Lutheran church and of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, since its founding. The faculty has produced significant resources for the story of the New Testament and its text, including William Arndt’s Greek lexicon, Martin Scharlemann’s historical and textual studies, and Martin Franzmann’s work in making the research available to the pastors and congregations of the church.

Dr. Jeffrey Kloha, associate professor of exegetical theology at Concordia Seminary, served as the founding director of C-SECT. He has been a very visible authority in the LCMS on issues related to the early history of the Scriptures. He is a sought-after speaker in both congregations and circuit, district, and national pastors’ conferences. Currently, Joel Elowsky is serving as director of the center.

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