Academic Calendar 2016-2017

Fall Quarter
July 18 Monday Registration for Fall Quarter begins
July 22 Friday Registration closed for Fall Quarter closes
August 30 Tuesday Orientation for All new Students begins
September 2 Friday Opening Service
September 6 Tuesday Classes begin
September 20 Tuesday Theological Symposium begins; no classes Tuesday and Wednesday
September 23 Thursday Classes resume
October 17 Monday Registration for Winter Quarter begins
October 21 Friday Registration for Winter Quarter closes
November 11 Friday Quarter ends after classes
Winter Quarter
November 28 Monday Classes begin
December 16 Friday Christmas recess begins after classes
January 3 Tuesday Classes resume
January 9 Monday SMP & GPC Intensive courses begin
January 9 Monday STM/PhD Modular Courses begin
January 13 Friday SMP & GPC Intensive courses end
January 16 Monday Dmin Courses begin
January 20 Friday Dmin courses end
January 20 Friday STM/PhD Modular courses end
January 23 Monday Multi-Ethnic Symposium begins; no classes Monday and Tuesday
January 23 Monday Registration for Spring Quarter begins
January 27 Friday Registration for Spring Quarter closes
February 17 Friday Quarter ends after classes
Spring Quarter
March 6 Monday Classes begin
April 12 Wednesday Easter recess begins after classes
April 18 Tuesday Classes resume
April 24 Monday Registration for Summer Quarter begins
April 26 Wednesday Call Day
April 28 Friday Registration for Summer Quarter closes
May 2 Tuesday Day of Exegetical Reflection
May 3 Wednesday Day of Homiletical Reflection
May 18 Thursday Quarter ends after classes
May 19 Friday Commencement – 7:00pm
Summer Quarter 2017
May 22 Monday Summer Term begins
June 5 Monday Summer Session X begins
Summer Session I begins
Summer Session A begins
Summer SMP Online Session begins
June 12 Monday Reduced Residency Advanced Studies (STM/PhD/DMin) Courses begin
June 16 Friday Summer Session A ends
June 19 Monday Summer Session B begins
June 23 Monday Reduced Residency Advanced Studies (STM/PhD/DMin) Courses end
June 26 Monday Summer Language Course begins
SMP & GPC Intensive courses begin
June 30 Friday Summer Session I ends
Summer Session B ends
SMP & GPC Intensive courses end
July 10 Monday Summer Session II begins
Summer Session C/P1 begins
July 21 Friday Summer Session C/P1 ends
July 24 Monday Summer Session D/P2 begins
August 4 Friday Summer Session II ends
Summer Session D/P2 begins
August 7 Monday Summer Session P3 begins
August 11 Friday Summer Language Course ends
Summer Session X ends
August 18 Friday Summer Session P3 ends
August 22 Tuesday Summer SMP Online Session ends
Summer Term ends