Complete in Him: Reflections for ALL Christians on Singleness

Untitled-4Why talk about singleness at all?
Because 40% of this country’s population is single. This includes those who have never been married,children, divorcees, and the widowed. Many of these people are sitting in your pews, but not nearly enough.

But what if I’m married? How does this affect me?
That is a great question. Chances are, you know many un-married people in your life. And if you’re married, you may be planning to have or already have children. Interesting fact: 100% of all children are born un-married, and these un-married people will be looking to you for support and guidance. Finally, in a broken world, many married people become single again—through tragedy, death, divorce.

Untitled-2So what then, is this a “how to talk to singles” seminar?
Not exactly. More than just how to “talk across the aisle” this event is intended to bring awareness to and provide a theological framework for understanding singleness as a specific and God pleasing vocation within God’s family.

Yeah that sounds great, but what if I’m not married? I have no desire to go to another “singles workshop”.
Nor should you. Whether or not you desire to enter marriage, you are still a member of God’s family called to serve Him in your current state of life. This calling has both challenges and opportunities that this event will explore. We will also explore the various ways that an un-married person can find a sense of friendship and family that is only to be found within the community of Christ.

Untitled-3So then, this event is designed to show un-married people how to find substitutes for the fulfilling relationship of marriage?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! We firmly believe the lives of ALL Christians are made complete by our Lord Jesus Christ.

Well all of this sounds interesting. If I wanted to explore this further, when and where is this event?
Glad you asked…

ld-ldayComplete in Him: Reflections for ALL Christians on Singleness—Saturday, March 15, 2014

9:00am, Sieck Hall 201/202
Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis.

Many adult Christians are unmarried—they are single. Along with believers who are married, the Scripture says that single believers are complete in Christ, have been given a new family in the church, and are fully equipped with the Spirit’s gifts to carry out a life of faith and discipleship. Too often, however, both the church and the wider society offer up a different message to single believers. In this workshop, all attendees, both single and married, married and single, will have the chance to ponder the Bible’s teaching, reflect on messages that we all send and receive (at times without meaning to do so), and come to deeper understandings about our life together in Christ.


Schedule of Events

9:00 am: Plenary #1

“Rooted in Christ: Scripture’s Teaching About Singleness and Marriage”
– Dr. Jeff Gibbs, Concordia Seminary

10:00 am: Breakout Sessions

  • Single, Male and Christian
  • Single, Female and Christian
  • Not entered into Lightly: The Vocation of Marriage
  • The Church as the Family of God

11:00 am: Plenary #2 & Panel Discussion

“Mixed Messages: Voices from Culture and Congregation” – Prof. Tony Cook, Concordia Seminary

12:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm: Breakouts—End by 2:00 pm

  • Friendship in the Christian Life
  • Single . . . Again
  • The Church as the Family of God

Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Joel Biermann, Concordia Seminary
  • Ms. Laura Davis, Lutherans for Life
  • Rev. Joel Kurz, Warrensburg, MO
  • Rev. Doug Merkey, Churches for Life
  • Ms. Donna Pyle, author and speaker
  • Rev. Bill Wrede, Concordia Seminary

Cost: $5/ person (free for CSL community)

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