Technology Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I need help logging in to my Email, Blackboard or other services.  Can you help?
A. Read a tutorial for showing you how to log into Email, Blackboard, SemNet and Portal.  If you try these steps and still need help, call the Help Desk: (314) 505-7231 or Email:

Q. What should I do if I forget my password?
A. If you are on campus, visit the Help Desk on the lower of level of Sieck Hall between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Students may also contact the Help Desk by phone at (314) 505-7231.

Q. What is a good antivirus program?
A. There are many brands of antivirus programs for both Windows and Mac OS.  Each program will have different features specific to different users.  Two very popular options that work well, and are free: Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows or Sophos for Mac OS.

Q. Is there WiFi available on campus?
A. Yes, WiFi is available in several locations on campus including the Library, Wartburg Commons, and Sieck Hall.  To access the wireless network, utilize these guides for your device:

Q. What is Cisco Clean Access (CCA)?
A. It is the policy of Concordia Seminary that all computers or devices attempting to gain an internet connection through the CSL network be up-to-date with all system patches and have a supported antivirus software installed with the latest definitions (such as Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows or Sophos for Mac OS). This policy is enforced by a system known as Cisco Clean Access (CCA).

Q. Is there a list of how-to guides that could help me with my tasks?
A. Yes, view our Guides page.

Q. What kind of support can Technology Services provide me?
A. The Office of Technology Services handles all of the network and internet access for the Seminary. For students, we handle email accounts and network access. We also take care of the Seminary network accessibility into the Portal. Technology Services does not work on student computers unless it directly relates to accessing the Seminary’s network.