Concordia Seminary Life Team

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Mission Statement

Centered in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Concordia Seminary Life Team equips our seminary community and others to affirm life.

Concordia Seminary Life TeamWhat is a Life Team?

We are a student-led, faculty advised team, with this 4-part Mission Statement:

  1. Centered in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: this acknowledges the Gospel as the “why, what and how” of our work,
  1. the Concordia Seminary Life Team equips: our strategy is to “fit for service” through a variety of means, including teaching, example, encouragement, help, assistance and the like,
  1. our seminary community and others: as a part of our seminary community, it is the focus of our influence, which will radiate outward into congregations and world,
  1. to affirm life: the goal is a positive, holistic ministry posture, employing peoples’ time, talents, and treasures in the broad arena of sanctity of human life concerns.”

Upcoming Events

“Complete in Him:  Reflections for ALL Christians on Singleness”

Many adult Christians are unmarried—they are single. Along with believers who are married, the Scripture says that single believers are complete in Christ, have been given a new family in the church, and are fully equipped with the Spirit’s gifts to carry out a life of faith and discipleship. Too often, however, both the church and the wider society offer up a different message to single believers. In this workshop, all attendees, both single and married, married and single, will have the chance to ponder the Bible’s teaching, reflect on messages that we all send and receive (at times without meaning to do so), and come to deeper understandings about our life together in Christ.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

9:00 am to 2:00 pm

$5 for off-campus; free for CSL community

For information and to register:

Monthly Meeting

  • Date: Second Saturday of each month
  • Room: Loeber Hall, Second Floor Lounge
  • Time: 11:45 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.

Team Leadership

  • President – Kyle Winter
  • Vice-President – Merritt Demski
  • Secretary – Marie Roth
  • Advisor – Rev. Doug Merkey
  • Faculty Sponsors – Dr. Jeff and Renee Gibbs

 Contact Us

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