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Concordia Seminary Recognizes Ordination and Commissioning Anniversaries

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, recognized significant ordination and commissioning anniversaries of 13 faculty and emeriti and two staff members at the end of chapel service on Dec. 8. Each was recognized individually and prayers of thanksgiving were offered for their service. A reception was held following the chapel service to allow individuals in the Seminary community the opportunity to express their gratitude.

The following Concordia Seminary faculty and staff members were recognized:

Richard Marrs 10 years
Kent Burreson 15 years
Joel Okamoto 15 years
Paul Robinson 20 years
Reed Lessing 25 years
Robert Rosin 30 years
Andy Bacon 35 years
Andrew Bartelt 35 years
David Wollenburg (emeritus) 40 years
Douglas Groll (emeritus) 45 years
Richard Warneck (emeritus) 50 years
Juan Berndt (emeritus) 60 years
Erich Kiehl (emeritus) 65 years
Ruth McDonnell (Graduate School) 5 years (deaconess)
Richard Jostes (Seminary Support) 30 years (commissioned)

Front row, from left: Reed Lessing, Juan Berndt, Richard Jostes, Ruth McDonnell, Joel Okamoto, Richard Warneck; back row, Richard Marrs, Paul Robinson, David Wollenburg, Kent Burreson, and Andy Bacon.

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