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Registration opens for online Greek language course

Students who seek to gain proficiency in the biblical languages may now enroll in an online Greek course [1] that will be taught during the 2017-18 academic year at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis [2]. This is the third year that this course will be offered, with Dr. James W. Voelz [3], longtime Greek instructor and graduate professor of Exegetical Theology, again teaching the sessions.

The course is designed to serve three groups of students: those who have completed the Specific Ministry Pastor (SMP) program and are continuing on with the Specific Ministry Pastor to General Pastor Certification (SMP-GPC) program; and those who have applied for the two residential programs, Master of Divinity (M.Div.) or the Residential Alternate Route (RAR) at Concordia Seminary.

The course will help prepare M.Div. and RAR students to take the Entry Level Competency Exam (ELCE) in Greek, an entry-level requirement. The ELCE, depending on the program, consists of up to five exams in Old Testament, New Testament, Christian doctrine, Hebrew and Greek.

Voelz, a pre-eminent Greek scholar who has taught the language for more than 40 years, serves at the Seminary as the Dr. Jack Dean Kingsbury Professor of New Testament Theology. He is the author of Fundamental Greek Grammar [4] and of Mark 1:1-8:26 [5] in the Concordia Commentary series.

The schedule for this course consists of a live online tutoring session from 6-8 p.m. CT Tuesdays, beginning Aug. 29, 2017. Classes meet each week through the academic year for a total of 30 sessions. Students should plan to commit eight hours in additional study each week.

“This course is really hitting its stride,” said Voelz, who has taught the course for the past two years. “The past year’s class had even more engagement by the students than did the first go-round, and weekly attendance was gratifying. What pleases me most is that the students are really picking up the joy of reading the New Testament in its original language, not just learning something to pass a test. That’s always my goal in teaching Greek.”

Registration is open now for the fall semester through Aug. 11 here [1]. The course fee is $1,200 per semester. The class also will be offered in the spring semester. Students must take both semesters to pass the ELCE. Class size will be limited to 15 students.

The course is designed primarily for current and prospective incoming students. If, however, space is available, it will be open to anyone wishing to learn Greek. While it is a noncredit course with no prerequisites, a solid understanding of English grammar is essential to success.

To request an application or get more information, contact Gina Matzenbacher in the Registrar’s office at 314-505-7107 or matzenbacherg@csl.edu [6].

Residential summer term and fall semester Greek intensive courses continue to be offered by Concordia Seminary. These courses also prepare students for the Greek ELCE and for study of the New Testament in Greek during their Seminary studies. RAR students, however, are ineligible to take Greek intensive courses in the fall semester and are encouraged to register for the online Greek course or enroll during the summer term for the residential Greek intensive course.

For information on these classes, contact Rev. Bill Wrede, director of Ministerial Recruitment and Admissions, at 314-505-7200 or wredew@csl.edu [7].

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