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Meet Concordia Seminary’s 11th President: Dr. Thomas J. Egger

“The Lord has been so kind to me, in calling a poor, miserable sinner to speak in His name, and to serve His bride, His dear church, first as a parish pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Storm Lake, Iowa. Those were wonderful years that I will never forget. For the last 16 years as an Old Testament professor here, studying the sacred Scriptures with many of you — also wonderful years that I will never forget. And now, He has called me to serve His dear church as Seminary president, and to lead this renowned Seminary into the heart of the 21st century.”

–President Dr. Thomas J. Egger, upon accepting the divine call Feb. 15, 2021, to become the 11th president of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis



Doctor of Philosophy
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis (2019)

Master of Divinity
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis (1997)

Bachelor of Arts in English and German
Central College, Pella, Iowa (1993)



“I played the violin for seven years as a child. And I was terrible. My dad still jokes about the times he went to violin lessons with me and was amazed at how my instructor could put up with me!”


Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, Mo.

Began new role: March 15, 2021

To be installed: Aug. 27, 2021

First thought after learning he had been called as president:
“This is a huge task, but the Lord will carry me.”

Faculty member
Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, Mo.

Associate Professor of Exegetical Theology (2005–21)

Professor of Exegetical Theology (2021-present)

Chairman of the Department of Exegetical Theology (2020-21)

Academic Adviser for First Year Students (2010-21)

Gustav and Sophie Butterbach Professor of Exegetical Theology (2020-21)

Parish pastor
Zion Lutheran Church
Storm Lake, Iowa

“When people are going through different joys and sorrow, tragedies, sicknesses – to just be there and walk alongside them during those times … It really helps you to see the beauty and strength of Christ and His love and His Gospel for yourself and for them, and it equips you as a pastor to speak it so much more richly when you’ve seen the power of God’s Word in people’s lives — and pastors get to see that.”

Aspirations for Concordia Seminary’s future
“The heritage of this institution and what’s being placed in my hands is its own beauty and good, and I aspire to further and strengthen the work that’s been going on here for the last 182 years.”

–President Dr. Thomas J. Egger

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