In my own words: Why I support Concordia Seminary

Rev. Eloy Gonzalez

Rev. Eloy Gonzalez (‘01), senior pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, Irving, Texas, discusses building a cross-cultural ministry team in January 2016 during the Multiethnic Symposium at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Photo: Melanie Ave

With respect to the value of Synod institutions to congregations, I can think of no other organization or Synod entity that has a more direct impact on the ministry of the local congregation than Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Concordia Seminary prepares the men who stand in the pulpits and lecterns, the ones who teach the classes and serve God’s people, the professors who teach theology, and many of the pastors and leaders of the Church.

The Seminary also prepares many of the missionaries, whether national or international, to help proclaim the Gospel to those who don’t know Jesus Christ. The pastors called to serve in the Office of the Holy Ministry or to serve as missionaries are equipped and prepared to do so through the ministry of the Seminary.

Is there a more important function for Synod institutions than those described here? I think not!

I support the Seminary because it has been at the forefront of performing these vital tasks for the church for decades. It is my alma mater without which I would have little background and preparation to serve God’s people and to serve as an undershepherd of Jesus Christ.

The Seminary’s commitment to serve congregations and pastors through resources offered directly through their ministry to the church through the Concordia Theology website, through the many online resources offered through dedicated apps, through its online resources repository ( and through the many continuing education offerings is phenomenal.

We have a theologically rich heritage and an easily accessible treasure trove of resources thanks to the dedicated efforts of the faculty, staff and administration of our Seminary, both now and those who came before. The commitment to serve our church for generations to come is, without question, a blessing to laypeople, congregations and church workers.

I encourage my fellow alumni to support the Seminary’s Generations Campaign just as I have done to help with the formation of pastors for future generations.

Rev. Eloy Gonzalez (’01) is pastor of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Irving, Texas, a member of the Seminary’s Alumni Council and National Campaign Council, and a Seminary donor.

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