Pastor Sabbatical at Concordia Seminary

Pastor Sabbatical

Pastor Sabbatical Week

Jesus rested from His work. From time to time, our pastors need rest, too. Concordia Seminary invites LCMS pastors to take part in its Pastor Sabbatical Week, which is a time for much-needed renewal and rejuvenation for weary servants of the Lord.

Spend the week experiencing fellowship, studying the Word or focusing on personal reflection and self-care. During Pastor Sabbatical Week, you can:

  • Attend classes of your choosing
  • Worship in chapel
  • Enjoy a one-on-one luncheon with members of the faculty
  • Access our library resources, including one of the largest Lutheran reference and rare book collections in existence
  • Take time to develop a sermon series, worship plan or just read a book
  • Participate in campus activities
  • Enjoy the parks, museums and cultural activities near campus

Participants also may request the opportunity to preach at chapel during the week they are on campus. Such requests will be accommodated if possible.

There is no cost to the pastor participating in the program. Updated dormitory housing and a meal plan will be provided. However, if you wish to bring your spouse, there will be an additional cost of $72.