Deaf Institute of Theology (DIT)

The Deaf Institute of Theology (DIT) provides alternative routes to either ordination or deaconess certification for deaf and hard of hearing members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The curriculum provides the necessary broad foundation for missionary pastoral and deaconess students.

The DIT seminary-level program uses online classes with sign language video clips and and mentoring by a local pastor. Annual on-campus seminars are also required. For more information about the DIT program, see the Academic Catalog.

Those seeking admission to the seminary-level online program are strongly urged to participate in the Deaf Pah DIT program, also online. See below for more information.

Deaf Pah!

pah: (pä) interj. [ASL] 1. Used to indicate the attainment of a desired result or outcome. 2. Success or achievement. 3. Finally!

Deaf Pah, the Deaf Institute of Theology Pre-Seminary Program, is offered by the Deaf Lutheran Mission Society (DLMS), Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, and The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod Deaf Missions.

Applicants should be mature in faith and life and have experience in working in the church. Applicants must be communicant members in good standing of an LCMS congregation and committed to the Lutheran faith. Applicants must be willing to be active in their home congregation. Applicants must be paired with an ordained pastor of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod who will serve as their mentor throughout the course of study. Applicants must fill out the online application form at