Student Association

Every full-time student at the Seminary is a member of the Student Association. Working through elected representatives, the association serves as the governing unit of the student body. It provides a framework that allows student initiative and energy to make the most constructive contribution possible for developing and sustaining the Seminary as a community of faith and learning.

The association’s objectives are:

  • To govern its members and component organizations by Christian principles and common sense
  • To regulate matters pertaining to the student life of its members that do not fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Seminary administration, faculty and staff
  • To further in every way the Christian unity among the community of the Seminary

To hold office in the association, a student must maintain a satisfactory academic record (minimum grade-point average of 2.5). Association office voting positions include president, vice president, spiritual life chairman and five representatives: post-vicarage, pre-vicarage (nonfirst year), first-year, deaconess and Graduate School.

Nonvoting members include the social cultural chairman, intramurals chairman, Around the Tower editor, Seminary Wives Association president or representative, resident assistants, four first-year class representatives (single off-campus, single on-campus, married off-campus, married on-campus) and representatives from each of the officially recognized organizations of the association.

The association meets monthly and calls regular meetings of the student body to conduct and carry out its business. The association also sponsors several events throughout the year for the Seminary community including Oktoberfest, Prof ’n Stein and Springfest.

2021-22 Student Association Executive Council

Michael Wilke

Dillon Weber

Colby Howell
Intramurals Chairman

Ian Heinze
Spiritual Life Chairman

2021-22 Student Association Representatives

President: Michael Wilke
Vice President: Dillon Weber
Intramural Chairman: Colby Howell
Spiritual Life Chairman: Ian Heinze
Students in Mission: Harry Stevens
Sacristan: Jason Kohm
Sexton: William Fredstrom
Housefellow: Avery Hjulberg
Health and Wellness Chairman: TBA
Social Cultural Chairman: TBA
Graduate School Representative: TBA
Deaconess Representative: TBA
First-Year Representative: TBA
Pre-Vicarage (Non-First Year) Representative: TBA
Post-Vicarage Representative: TBA