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Jan 19, 2023

by Dr. Ronald Mudge Concordia Seminary, St. Louis’ 2022-23 academic year theme is “Sharing the Gospel—Sharing Our Lives,” based on 1 Thess. 2:8. This theme highlights beautifully the way that the grace of Jesus Christ permeates our life together. Jesus gives us His grace as a gift and makes it possible for us as forgiven sinners to love and to serve one another, sharing our very lives with each other. We often find ourselves wanting to share our lives with others and to have others share their lives with us but at the same time, because we are sinful human beings, we fear that others might mock, criticize or reject us if they knew what we are really like. Some [...]

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Featured, from Concordia Seminary magazine
Mar 10, 2023

Call Day 2023 set for April 26

Anticipation is building for Call Day April 26 when concluding Concordia Seminary, St. Louis students will receive their first pastoral or diaconal ministry placements, and second-year students will receive their vicarage or internship assignments [...]

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