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“Growing up, I was never alone,” says second-year Seminary student Nokukhanya Shabalala. With 17 brothers and sisters, Nokukhanya never lacked a playmate. Food, however, was sometimes hard to come by. “With so many siblings, you learn to eat fast!” she laughs. Noks (her preferred name) is brimming with tales about growing up in a large […]

Helpers for the harvest

By Mia Mauss The decision to break ground was a calculated one, and there was no time to lose. It was mid-winter when the 11 men held their first organized meeting. Though the frozen earth would not be penetrable for weeks, the men were planning for the future. Many were farmers, after all, and they […]

Go and live it

In today’s digitally connected world, we are daily confronted with the plight of people around the globe and in our own backyard. Through social media, we encounter stories and photos of every kind of human suffering. The question of the hour is, “What are Christians doing to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a hurting […]

When you visit your medical doctor, you assume that he or she has spent many hours over many years studying medicine in classrooms. But you also expect that he or she has had countless medical experiences in hospitals and other medical settings, learning to apply what they learn in the classes to effectively practice medicine. […]

Three paths, one purpose

by Sarah Maney At Concordia Seminary, students’ preparation for ministry includes real-world experiences — rubber-meets-the-road types of encounters. Through vicarages, internships and field work, students go beyond the classroom. Sharing Jesus in the City of Brotherly Love The rumble of the subway underscores the beauty of the Divine Service at Logos Lutheran Church. Smack dab […]

Answering the call

by Douglas Rutt “Here am I! Send me.” Those words immediately take me back to more than 35 years ago, when I was a seminarian. Recruiters from LCMS World Mission were on campus to talk to us about opportunities to serve overseas. My wife, Deborah, and I had barely discussed it, but one afternoon we […]

From Refugee to Seminarian

by Rebekah Lukas In recent years, about 6,000 Myanmar (formerly Burma) refugees have sought new lives in Fort Wayne, Ind., as their home country transitions to a democracy. Many of the city’s churches, like Southwest Lutheran, have been stepping up and playing an integral role in caring for these refugees. The church provides ministry for […]

Christian stewardship a priority

By Kim Plummer Krull The deaths of their fathers within a week of each other in 2014 opened Kathryn and Dana Foat’s eyes to the importance of estate planning, something many people ignore. When they added up their own assets, they realized they had more than they thought. Because both their fathers had estate plans, […]

Q&A with Lara Harris

by Carly Hebron Lara Harris serves as the director of Campus Services at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, where she has been on staff for seven years. She began as an assistant and also served as an event coordinator before her promotion to director in 2013. She is married with two young children and is currently […]

Q&A with new Lutheran Hour Speaker

By Travis Scholl This fall, Dr. Michael Zeigler accepted the call to serve as Speaker of The Lutheran Hour, the legendary radio program of Lutheran Hour Ministries. Prior to this call, Zeigler served as pastor of Epiphany Lutheran Church in St. Louis. But he also is no stranger to Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. In addition […]

The Journey to Seminary life

By Melanie Ave They come from all over the country, all over the world. Some are fresh out of college. Others from first and even second careers. They are single. They are married. They are young. They are middle age. Dozens are here from other countries as they seek to grow in their knowledge of […]