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by Lisa Mills About 50 years ago, Ron Kabitzke was ready to settle down and hoped to meet a young woman who shared his faith and values. Enter his mother, who met Kathleen and immediately thought Ron and Kathleen might make a good match. She arranged an introduction to find out for sure. In this […]

Discovering God’s provision, purpose by Sarah Maney Listening to Jill Oschwald’s journey is much like watching a master artist place pottery pieces and ceramic shards into an intricate mosaic. The first few pieces were cemented in childhood. She grew up in a Christian family in which service to the church was of paramount importance. “God […]

The year is 1914. Model T cars and horse-drawn buggies crowd the crossroads of South Jefferson Avenue and Winnebago Street near Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. A young man, William Adolph Herman Becker, prepares for a momentous occasion. He is about to graduate. Fast-forward a century later. Becker’s great-grandson, Lucas, is attending Seminário Concórdia in São […]

Preparing Leaders for U.S. Immigrant Ministry

by Daniel Mattson You see them all the time, foreign-born U.S. citizens. They are your doctors, first responders and other health care workers. They are athletes and entertainers. They are construction workers, shop owners and sales people. There are about 44 million foreign-born immigrants in the United States today, and many of them have connections […]

Concordia Seminary forms theological education bonds in the U.S. and around the world by Travis Scholl Exposed to dust and heat in the high elevation of southeast Ethiopia, the nearly open-air shops in Bishoftu have just about everything you might need. Need a bed? A steel door or gate for your compound? Haircut? Tires for […]

“Growing up, I was never alone,” says second-year Seminary student Nokukhanya Shabalala. With 17 brothers and sisters, Nokukhanya never lacked a playmate. Food, however, was sometimes hard to come by. “With so many siblings, you learn to eat fast!” she laughs. Noks (her preferred name) is brimming with tales about growing up in a large […]

Helpers for the harvest

By Mia Mauss The decision to break ground was a calculated one, and there was no time to lose. It was mid-winter when the 11 men held their first organized meeting. Though the frozen earth would not be penetrable for weeks, the men were planning for the future. Many were farmers, after all, and they […]

Go and live it

In today’s digitally connected world, we are daily confronted with the plight of people around the globe and in our own backyard. Through social media, we encounter stories and photos of every kind of human suffering. The question of the hour is, “What are Christians doing to demonstrate the love of Jesus in a hurting […]

When you visit your medical doctor, you assume that he or she has spent many hours over many years studying medicine in classrooms. But you also expect that he or she has had countless medical experiences in hospitals and other medical settings, learning to apply what they learn in the classes to effectively practice medicine. […]

Three paths, one purpose

by Sarah Maney At Concordia Seminary, students’ preparation for ministry includes real-world experiences — rubber-meets-the-road types of encounters. Through vicarages, internships and field work, students go beyond the classroom. Sharing Jesus in the City of Brotherly Love The rumble of the subway underscores the beauty of the Divine Service at Logos Lutheran Church. Smack dab […]