Seminary Guild

The Concordia Seminary Guild — better known as the Sem Guild — is an organization of individuals, women’s organizations and congregations dedicated to providing support to the Concordia Seminary community, its students and their families, and staff.

The Sem Guild works to cultivate interest in the Seminary and enhance the lives of students on campus. From contributing to the tangible blessings of the Food Bank and Re-Sell It Shop, to supporting our many events, the Guild serves the Seminary in all it does.

Guild members from across the country have contributed to the vibrant support the Sem Guild generously provides.

Students enrolled in the Seminary are embarking on one of the most critical journeys of their lives. They simultaneously balance the rigors of academics with their spiritual care, career planning, self-discovery and family obligations.

To support our students and their families, the Sem Guild funds needs that occur in almost every aspect of life, including new computers, eye glasses, tutoring and marriage seminars. These activities enable students to get the necessary training and support they need on their journey to becoming an LCMS pastor or other church worker, or as they earn an advanced degree.

“All of the little things I do in a day — wash clothes, wipe counters, help children learn to brush their teeth — [the Seminary Guild] has a part in all of it. Your gifts to the Food Bank and the Re-Sell It Shop mean more to us than I could ever articulate.”

-Kelsey Fink, Seminary Wife

  • Books for incoming students ($2,500)
  • Campus landscaping ($2,000)
  • Direct-to-student aid ($4,000)
  • International students ($1,000)
  • Musical Arts ($2,000)
  • Community student gatherings ($1,000)
  • Dorm student community fund ($1,000)
  • Resident Field Education student off-campus events ($1,000)
  • After chapel coffee time ($1,000)
  • Center for Hispanic Studies and Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology ($1,000)
  • Student educational helps ($500)
  • Student athletics and Fitness Center ($2,000)
  • Families in Transition ($1,000)
  • Dorm student housing ($2,000)

Total: $22,000

Project donations will be used for any of the Guild projects unless they are specified for a particular project.

Please make checks payable to Concordia Seminary Guild and send to: Mary Jane Autry, 7609 Fleta St., St. Louis, MO 63123

Thank you for your support! For questions concerning the Seminary Guild, please call 314-429-6302.

All Seminary Guild events are held in Koburg Hall on the Seminary campus. The cost is $10 for each guest.

Reservations are needed two weeks prior to event. Send RSVP with payment to:

  • Mary Jane Autry
  • 7609 Fleta St.
  • St. Louis, MO 63123

Please make checks payable to Concordia Seminary Guild. Visitors and new members are always welcome!

Annual Membership Dues

Individual - $10
Organization - $25