Theological Symposium

30th Annual Theological Symposium

Sept. 17-18, 2019

Devoted: Re(forming) the Devotional Life

What does devotion look like in the modern world? When we have instantaneous access to material goods, and those very goods are often dispensable, what does it mean to be fully devoted to something or someone?

Christians often talk about "doing" their devotions. This language evokes the picture of a person who spends time in solitude and silence, reading and meditating on biblical texts. That image of the devotional life is tranquil and beautiful, but devotion hasn't always looked this way. Church history tells the stories of men and women of faith who led devoted and faithful lives that were much more varied and complex.

The 2019 Theological Symposium will explore the topic of devotion in all its complexity, (re)forming our devotional lives into lives of devotion. Attendees will walk away refreshed and equipped to encounter the challenges of our contemporary culture with the depths of God's word and the breadth of His work.


David Schmitt - Discerning Devotion: Devotion and Discipleship in a Discontented Age
Charles Arand - Devotion in an Age of Distraction
Timothy Saleska - Discovery in an Age of Disenchantment
Bruce Hartung - Discipline in an Age of Disillusionment

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