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What difference can you make in the life of a seminarian through Concordia Seminary’s Adopt-A-Student program? Here is what some of our students say:

“I can’t express how much (your support) means to me. Your sponsorship is very dear to my wife and me as we take this journey toward ministry.”
“Everyone I know who receives support like yours is so overwhelmed with thankfulness that they cannot help but acknowledge and keep in touch with those who make donations to their ministry.”
“I am grateful and I am sure our Savior is as well for the prayers and financial support you have provided for me in my training to become a pastor … I will always remember you and be grateful to our Lord for your dedication in providing pastors for our church. Thank you!”

Right now there are many students waiting to be “adopted.” Through our Adopt-A-Student program, a seminarian will be selected for you. You will receive personal letters sharing progress, challenges and joys.

Adopt-A-Student sponsors give $500 or more annually, which may be given as a one-time gift or throughout the year through several gifts. Adopt-A-Student gifts are used to prepare future pastors and missionaries, or you may also designate your gift for the preparation of international, deaconess, Center for Hispanic Studies (CHS) or Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) students.

Standing together, students and sponsors overcome the single greatest obstacle to students coming to the Seminary — affording it! By overcoming this challenge you are making an eternal difference as the students you prepare now will proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ today and for decades to come. In faith, these seminarians have come to Concordia Seminary. Now you can encourage them with your prayers and make their preparation financially possible.

As an Adopt-A-Student sponsor, you can expect to hear from your student frequently. While students wishing to receive Adopt-A-Student funds are required to write their sponsors every academic semester, they are encouraged to stay in touch with their sponsors even more frequently during the school year.

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