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Estimated Cost of Attendance 2021-22

Tuition: M.Div. RAR, SMP to GPC $1,200 per credit hour
Tuition: CHS, EIIT (matriculation before Fall 2018), SMP, ODS $2,400 per course
Tuition: EIIT (matriculation after Fall 2018) $1,800 per course
Tuition: M.A., M.A. Deaconess $1,220 per credit hour
Tuition: D.Min. $1,340 per credit hour
Tuition: S.T.M. $1,440 per credit hour
Tuition: Ph.D. $2,490 per credit hour
Logos Software Fee (M.Div and RAR, one time charge) $650
Technology fees: M.Div., RAR, M.A., S.T.M., Ph.D., D.Min. $75 per term
Technology fees: CHS, EIIT, SMP, SMP to GPC, ODS $115 per course
Books and supplies (residential) $1,185
Books and supplies (distance) $600
Room and board (residential, single) $9,350
Rent (residential, married) $10,500
Guest housing (distance, private room) $45 per night
Travel allowance (residential) $1,587
Health insurance* $3,960
Miscellaneous (residential) $5,195

* All residential full-time students are required to carry health insurance and should enroll in the Seminary’s health plan unless granted a waiver. Waivers are granted if proof of equivalent insurance coverage exists. Dependent enrollment is optional.

Additional costs for dependents:
Spouse: $9,216
Child/Children: $8,796 (one flat price regardless of the number of children)
Spouse and Children: $14,052

Waiver and dependent forms are available in the Health and Wellness Center. Please contact the Health and Wellness Center at 314-505-7332 for additional information regarding health insurance.

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