Since the founding of Concordia Seminary in 1839, alumni, friends and congregations have provided a means to ensure the mission of the Seminary. Endowment funds provide perpetual funding that sustains our historic excellence. The significance of estate gifts for an endowment is key.

Concordia Seminary is grateful for all of its supporters, many of whom choose to make a gift that establishes a permanent endowment. The Seminary currently has more than 500 endowments. The vast majority have been established to honor esteemed pastors, faculty or family members, and to provide tuition aid and assistance for students. The Seminary also is blessed with a student aid endowment to which anyone may make a gift of any size. Collectively, these funds provide the resources for the Seminary to assist students in paying a very sizeable portion of their tuition expense.

The Seminary’s vision is to be the world leader in Lutheran ministerial formation, scholarship and theological resources. In our quest to achieve this vision, the endowment of the Seminary will be strengthened through additional gifts, wise investment policies and the careful stewardship of earnings.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we are funding operations — including generous amounts of student aid — through current giving and endowment income, with the intent to grow total endowment to $200 million by 2025.

Increasing the size of our endowment will provide blessings not just for this generation, but also for generations to come. Special gifts and bequests are blessings that will sustain the mission of the Seminary to prepare pastors and leaders who effectively proclaim Christ’s salvation beyond today.

Why give to an endowment?

  • Leave a legacy
  • Honor or remember a loved one
  • Honor or remember a pastor

Endowment funds are created for the purpose of generating perpetual earnings and ongoing, increasing worth. The original gift to the “corpus” — the total of the original gift amount — will never be spent. Gifts deposited in the endowment will be treated as permanently restricted funds. Only the earnings will be eligible for distribution at a rate determined by the Seminary’s Board of Regents.

Fund $1-$24,999 $25K-$99,999 $100K-$1.9M $2.0M+
Helping Hands Operational Endowment (Unrestricted)
Student Financial Aid Endowment Fund
Other existing funds
Named endowment
Faculty chair

Endowed Chairs

An endowed chair is one of the highest academic honors that a college, university or seminary can bestow upon a faculty member. It reflects the donor’s desire to continue to see excellence in teaching and research in a specific area.

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The Rev. Dr. Dale A. and Diane C. Meyer “Helpers of Joy” Endowment

The Rev. Dr. Dale A. and Diane C. Meyer “Helpers of Joy” Endowment was established in 2017 as a tribute to the ministry of Seminary President Dr. Dale A. Meyer and his wife, Diane, whose love for the Seminary is deeply woven into the fabric of their lives. Meyer became the Seminary’s 10th president in 2005.

Gifts to the this endowment are considered unrestricted income and earnings are used where needed most to support the mission of Concordia Seminary.

Alumni Endowments

Concordia Seminary is blessed with many class and individual alumni endowments. These gifts are one way alumni demonstrate their support for the mission of Concordia Seminary. Each new class endowment and every single gift added to an established alumni endowment helps the Seminary to better meet the needs of students, church and world.

John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Fund

The John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment was established in 1998, after the Seminary's Alumni Council initiated the endowment to help provide theological study materials for students. The endowment is named for Rev. John E. Meyer, the Seminary's director of alumni activities from 1996 to 2003.

Class of ’62/’63 Endowment

This alumni endowment was established on Dec. 15, 2006, as the class gift on behalf of the graduating class of ’62/’63 and the senior college class of ’59. The endowment functions as a student assistance fund. By God’s grace, it will grow and provide further support for a graduate student fellowship, advising or guest professorship and, ultimately, an endowed faculty chair as gifts are added.

Other alumni endowments

To date, additional alumni-founded endowment funds include:

Class of 1963 Endowment

Class of 1981 Financial Aid Endowment Fund

Class of 1987 Financial Aid Endowment Fund

Class of 1988 Scholarship Endowment Fund

Class of 1989 Scholarship Endowment Fund

Class of 1998 Student Emergency Aid Fund

Class of 2007 Endowment

Class of 2008 Alumni Endowment

Class of 2017 Alumni Endowment

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