Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT)

The Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology (EIIT) is offered by Concordia Seminary St. Louis. EIIT is a specialized program of theological education and formation for effective pastoral leadership within immigrant-based churches. Concordia Seminary accomplishes this by offering a distance theological education program that leads to certification for ordination in The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). The program is created for men providing pastoral leadership from within an ethnic immigrant community that is associated with the LCMS. Participants have the approval and support of their home church and the LCMS district within which they are carrying out their missionary work.

The cut-off for enrollment is currently set at May 29, 2015. Applications MUST be received on or before that date in order to be ready for the next orientation seminar and start of classes. District equivalent courses in Old Testament, New Testament, and Christian Doctrine do not need to be completed by that date; however, those district level courses will need to be completed prior to the beginning of the first Seminary Level class on September 8, 2015. Contact your district as soon as possible to ensure that your courses complete on time.

2015 Accepted Applicants: The mandatory Orientation Seminar will be held on Concordia Seminary – St. Louis’ campus from September 1 – September 4, 2015. This orientation is mandatory for the students and their mentors.


The Ethnic Immigrant Institute of Theology’s curriculum is designed to allow participants to obtain a Lutheran theological understanding of Scripture which informs their missionary and pastoral activities. The courses are inquiry based, allowing the student to explore theological issues as they pertain to his situation and to the current theological climate in North America. The curriculum is interdisciplinary, offering courses that integrate Biblical, systematic, historical, and pastoral practice studies.

The ten-week courses are offered using distance education methods, allowing participants to remain in the context of their home-ministry and local support groups. Each course uses a course manual, textbooks, a local mentor, a ministry supervisor, and Internet components that allow for student-to-instructor and student-to-student interaction.

Curricular components include: 16 ten-week distance education courses, a local mentor and ministry supervisor, active ministry work, and annual 3-5 day seminars on the campus of Concordia Seminary. A student takes four courses a year. Courses include:

EIIT01 — Old Testament Overview
EIIT02 — New Testament Overview
EIIT03 — Intro to Christian Doctrine (Book of Concord)
EIIT04 — Understanding & Preaching the Word of God I
EIIT05 — Pastoral Ministry I
EIIT06 — LT&P I: Lutheran Foundations
EIIT07 — LT&P II: Means of Grace
EIIT08 — LT&P III: Church & Ministry
EIIT09 — Understanding & Preaching the Word of God II
EIIT10 — Evangelism & Missions
EIIT11 — Church History I (through 1500)
EIIT12 — Teaching the Faith
EIIT13 — Church History II (since 1500)
EIIT14 — Church in the World Today
EIIT15 — Law & Gospel
EIIT16 — Pastoral Ministry II

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