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Alumni Endowments

Concordia Seminary is blessed with many class and individual Alumni Endowments.  Through these gifts, alumni send a strong message about the growing support they are providing for the mission of Concordia Seminary.  Each new class endowment and every single gift added to an established alumni endowment empowers the Seminary to better meet the needs of students, church, and world.

Two examples:
Class of ’62/’63 Endowment
John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Fund

Class of ’62/’63 Endowment
On Dec. 15, 2006, the graduating class of ‘62/‘63 and the senior college class of ‘59 established a new alumni endowment as its class gift.  This endowment takes a unique approach to supporting theological education.  It functions as a student assistance fund.  The hope is that it will grow and provide further support for a graduate student fellowship, a visiting or guest professorship and, ultimately, to an endowed faculty chair as gifts are added.  The use is determined by the amount of principal invested, giving the Seminary tremendous flexibility over time and an opportunity for its alumni to influence the quality and scope of theological education at the Seminary.

Class of ’62/’63
Concordia Seminary Class of '62/'63The class of ’62/’63 will celebrate its 50th class reunion on campus in June 2013.

Class Contacts
Rev. Ron Schuette:  ron.schuette@charter.net or 636-587-9625.
Rev. Vern Gundermann: vgundermann@sbcglobal.net or 314-984-9472




Class of ’62/’63 Endowment Fund Status:
Total as of June 30, 2011:  $52,982.35
Amount added in 2011:  $9,325.00

For information about The Alumni Endowment or how a gift can be added to a class fund, please contact the Advancement Office at Concordia Seminary at 1-800-822-5287or send e-mail to advancement@csl.edu.

John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Fund

The John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment continues to be a great blessing to hundreds of Seminary students preparing for ministry.  At the beginning of each academic year, all first-year undergraduate degree and certificate students (all programs) receive a gift certificate for a copy of The Book of Concord, The Book of Concord CD, or the student’s choice of other theological books costing $30 or less.  The donation of these resources is the result of a decision made in 1998 by the Seminary’s Alumni Council to initiate a book endowment to assist students in purchasing theological study materials.  In September 2002, the first group of seminarians received the generous gift.

Originally named The Concordia Seminary Book Endowment Fund, the endowment was
“established as a testimony to the greatness of the Triune God, who has bestowed rich and gracious blessings, both temporal and eternal, upon His beloved children.”  After the passing of
Rev. John E. Meyer, the Seminary’s director of alumni activities from 1996 to 2003, the endowment was renamed as a memorial.

John E. Meyer’s vision was to supply every seminarian with a $100 book allowance out of the annual income from the fund.  For 500 students, the endowment would need to be at least $1 million.  The current balance is approximately $100,000.

Each year the offering received at the Alumni Reunion “Jubilarian Service” is donated to this fund.  We also receive a number of special gifts from Seminary alumni during the year.

To support this program, please make checks payable to Concordia Seminary, 801 Seminary Place, St. Louis, MO 63105.  Please indicate that your contribution is for the John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Fund.  Every dollar contributed directly impacts the future ministry of a Lutheran pastor or deaconess.

For more information about the John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment, please contact the Advancement Office at 1-800-822-5287 or advancement@csl.edu.

John E. Meyer Memorial Alumni Book Endowment Status:
Total amount as of June 30, 2011:  $122,781.07
Amount added in 2011:  $1,643.00

Gifts to our alumni endowment funds provide current and ongoing support for the mission and ministry of Concordia Seminary.  The Seminary and our students are grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of our alumni.