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Concordia Seminary Recognizes Ordination Anniversaries

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, recognized significant ordination anniversaries of 13 faculty and emeriti and four staff members at the end of chapel service on Jan. 27. Each was recognized individually and prayers of thanksgiving were offered for their service. A reception was held following the chapel service to allow individuals in the Seminary community the opportunity to express their gratitude.
The following Concordia Seminary faculty and staff members were recognized:

David Adams 25 years
Timothy Dost 25 years
Thomas Egger 10 years
Victor Raj 35 years
David Schmitt 20 years
Bruce Schuchard 20 years
William Schumacher 25 years
James Voelz 35 years
James Brauer (emeritus) 45 years
Arthur Graudin (emeritus) 60 years
Harley Kopitske (emeritus) 50 years
William Schmelder (emeritus) 50 years
Henry Rowold  (emeritus) 45 years
Michael Flynn (Seminary Support) (commissioned) 35 years
Mark Kempff (CHS) (commissioned) 35 years
Jonathan Stein (chaplain) 50 years
Jeffrey Thormodson (vicarage/internship) 15 years
Front row, from left: Prof. Mark Kempff, Dr. Victor Raj, Dr. Bruce Schuchard, Dr. Thomas Egger, Dr. Arthur Graudin, Dr. Timothy Dost; back row: Dr. Henry Rowold, Dr. David Schmitt, Rev. Jeffrey Thormodson, Dr. James Voelz, Dr. David Adams.