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Seminary to Bless Completed Construction Projects

Concordia Seminary’s major renovation project, titled “Phase One,” has officially been completed. To praise God for the blessing He has bestowed upon Concordia Seminary with these renovations, the Seminary will formally bless the use of the completed projects, including The Johann Hinrich Benidt Center, during morning chapel on Tuesday, January 24, beginning at 11:10 a.m.

The complex is named The Johann Hinrich Benidt Seminary Center in honor of the Charles E. Benidt Foundation, Inc., which contributed significant funds to the “Place” component of the How Will They Hear? Campaign. “Johann Hinrich Benidt’s impact is most clearly seen in the life that he inspired his grandson Charles to lead,” commented Dr. Dale A. Meyer, president of Concordia Seminary. “Johann’s influence has spread beyond his wildest imaginings, and it will continue to leave its mark on the future of Concordia Seminary, and through its students, upon the church at large. We’re proud to name our new world class kitchen and dining complex in honor of Johann Hinrich Benidt.”

The Phase One project was a major renovation of the cafeteria complex, Stoeckhardt Hall, and the first floor of Guenther Hall. It also included the creation of an East Courtyard between the cafeteria complex and Founders Hall (aka “Isolation” dorm), as well as various office moves. The main goal of the project was to update and create a student-centered space within the adjoined Koburg, Wartburg, and Stoeckhardt Halls.

The Johann Hinrich Benidt Seminary Center encompasses Wartburg and Koburg dining halls, the main kitchen, and other student and community-centered resources that have taken up residence in the newly renovated complex. On the previously unused lower level of the cafeteria complex, the Re-Sell It Shop and the Food Bank have larger, more accessible spaces. The second floor of the complex houses newly designed meeting spaces, available for hosting medium sized groups. The third floor of the complex houses a space very much like a “Parish Hall” for large gatherings of students, capable of preparing and hosting meals.

Concordia Seminary intends to formally dedicate the Benidt Center on April 26, 2012 with a ceremony and community open house. Details will follow.

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