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Seminary holds visitation events for prospective students

Events span 2015-16 year

Concordia Seminary, St. Louis has scheduled a variety of on-campus visitation opportunities for prospective students for the 2015-16 academic year.

The first event of the year, Contemplate, is set for Oct. 15-17. Contemplate, a three-day visit for college students and second-career men and women, includes a campus tour, an opportunity to meet faculty and visit classes. All events are aimed at providing a preview of the Seminary’s world-class ministerial formation experience.

“We immerse them in Seminary life,” said Rev. Bill Wrede, the Seminary’s director of ministerial recruitment and admissions. “It is a three-pronged approach of immersion, focused sessions where they can gain knowledge with specific panels and then contemplate what they have learned.

“They spend three days with us and that gives us an insight into who they are and we help them with the questions they may be wrestling with.”

The Seminary’s annual admissions events give participants valuable information about formation for pastoral and diaconal ministry. There is something for everyone including events for prospective students who are in high school, college or are considering ministry as a second career, as well as events for prospective Seminary families.

Other upcoming Admissions events include:

Green & Gold Days (Nov. 6, 2015; Jan. 8, April 8 and Nov. 4, 2016): For college students and second-career men and women, Green & Gold Days is an opportunity to spend the day on campus and see what the Seminary has to offer. The day includes meeting with current students and professors, attending classes and chapel, and ending the day with dinner and discussion. The event is free.

Shepherds of God’s Flock (Jan. 7, 2016): For college students and second-career men, Shepherds of God’s Flock is about the decision-making process of “service as a shepherd.” To have questions is right and good. At this one-day event, participants explore ministry through Bible study, hear panel presentations from pastors and students, and talk with others who are asking the same questions. The event is free.

Taste of the Sem (Jan. 16-18, 2016): For high school men, this is the chance to spend the weekend on campus diving into Lutheran theology, prayer and worship. Participants can talk with current students and professors and engage in a game of kickball, a favorite Concordia Seminary pastime. The event is free.

Contemplate (Oct. 15-17, 2015; March 10-12, 2016): This three-day visit offers an in-depth view of the preparation that leads to service as a pastor or deaconess. The event is free.

Vocatio (June 25-30, 2016): For high school men and women, Vocatio is a weeklong retreat to explore God’s calling and direction. This event includes Bible study, worship, discussion about vocation, a servant event and some St. Louis fun. A Concordia University System college fair is included. Registration is $150, but travel assistance is available upon request.

Next Steps (July 8-9, 2016): Next Steps is an opportunity for families to spend two days on campus connecting with current students and their families to learn about transitioning to life at the Seminary from those who have already taken this step. The event is free.

To learn more about Seminary’s visitation events, call 800-822-9545, email or visit

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