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Renowned astronomer gives lecture

owen-gingerichThe Seminary hosted Dr. Owen Gingerich March 21 in the Presidents Room as part of the Theological History of Science series. Gingerich delivered his lecture “An Introduction to the Rev. Dr. Kepler,” referring to Lutheran astronomer Johannes Kepler, who developed the three laws of planetary motion.

Gingerich, professor emeritus of astronomy and history of science at Harvard University and senior astronomer emeritus at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, is a leading authority on Kepler, one of the most influential astronomers of all time. A prolific author, he also is the recipient of numerous honors and awards.

Reflecting on astronomers of the past, Gingerich’s work focuses on exploring the nature of truth in science and how man’s understanding of the universe — its creation and design — is formed through observation, interpretation and persuasion. Gingerich is a Christian who is active in the network of Christians in the sciences known as the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).

The lecture, as well as an interview between Gingerich and Dr. Erik Herrmann, will be posted on at a later date.