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Dear alumni

The theme for our new, 180th academic year is “Here Am I! Send Me.” Transitioning from summer to fall, demands upon you increasing, I pray you’ll remember it is the Lord who is sending us and He promises to sustain you and me. Martin Franzmann’s hymn is one of the most realistic but also encouraging hymns about ministry that I know. “Preach you the Word and plant it home / And never faint; the Harvest Lord / Who gave the sower seed to sow / Will watch and tend His planted Word” (LSB 586, 6). I don’t always have it, but the attitude of Luke 17:10 is what I increasingly pray for. It’s all by His grace!

Some other notes: The “Kristine Kay Hasse Memorial Library” was dedicated in the thoroughly renovated Fuerbringer Hall. These renovations were made possible by Generations: The Campaign for Concordia Seminary. Thanks to all the donors who made the campaign and library renovations successful. Go here to see the ceremonies. I especially encourage you to go to Dr. Bob Rosin’s lecture. I found it delightful, a reminder how libraries engages us with contexts and conversations different from our own routines in order to sharpen our contemporary Lutheran witness to God’s truth and avoid becoming sectarian. And please use the resources of your library. Just visit

Periodically the pastor of our congregation includes in the Sunday prayers a petition that the Lord will raise up workers for church vocations. We hope you’ll do the same.

Speaking of enrollment, classes for the fall semester began Aug. 27. What does enrollment look like? Maybe a slight increase. Since not every student who is accepted shows up, we take a census in very early September to get exact numbers. I’ll report back to you in the next newsletter.

In May the faculty respectfully asked the Board of Regents to enter into a process of reconciliation with the Ambassadors of Reconciliation. To date the board has had conversations with the Ambassadors of Reconciliation, learning what the process entails. Please remember this in your prayers.

“Here Am I! Send Me.” Here are a few sentences from my opening sermon. “When Isaiah said, ‘Send me,’ he was not accepting the status quo. He was eager for the future. Holiness shook him to woe, but the forgiving burn of holiness transformed him for mission. Concordia Seminary cannot accept the status quo. Our Lord Jesus bids us go to the world the way it is today. So it is my prayer that this 180th academic year will shake and send us into the future with confidence and cheerful courage in the Good News of God.” And may confidence and cheerful courage be yours as the busy times return! The Lord “will watch and tend His planted Word!”


Dr. Dale A. Meyer, President
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis