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Fall Lay Bible Institute in review

The Fall Lay Bible Institute, led by Professor David Lewis, took place four Wednesday evenings in October. Each week, attendees explored the various ways American cinema has appropriated the biblical narrative, Christian theology and the redemptive theme of Scripture to tell its own stories. Lewis reported that between 35 and 40 people attended the workshop, most of whom were laypeople from local churches.

Lewis guided the group through an examination of how films reflect the worldview of their makers, the individuals who watch them and American society at large. “Christ-figure films provide ‘windows’ through which we can see how people within our culture understand the significance of Jesus and His work,” Lewis explained. “The story of a hero who is willing to sacrifice himself for others is a powerful story.” Each class examined how Christ-figure films provide an opportunity for believers to start conversations about Jesus with those who don’t know Him. “A person who may not be open to my sharing the Gospel with them is suddenly willing to talk once I mention that a certain film they know and love has borrowed from the Scriptures to tell its story,” Lewis said. Video recordings of the workshop will be available at a later date on the Scholar site here.