May 21, 2019 Print This Article

Students produce Lent devotion videos

Each year our students produce a series of Lent devotions that are typically shared campus-wide. This year, the Student Association chose to forego a printed booklet in favor of a series of video devotions posted on YouTube. Each devotion features a different student sharing a devotion in front of a black background.

“For years the Student Association produced written devotions for both Advent and Lent. This year we did a written format for Advent again; however, as spiritual life chair I thought – if students wanted to share their devotions online with friends and family, a video format would be more engaging,” said seminarian Christian Jones.

“In Romans 10:17, St. Paul teaches that faith comes from hearing the Word of God. As an auditory learner I take Paul seriously, so choosing to capture the performed devotion was easy.”

Interested in watching the videos? Find the series on YouTube here.