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Dear alumni

Do you ever have a moment when you suddenly recognize the obvious, when you discover something that’s been hidden in plain sight? Thanks to Dr. Timothy Saleska for giving me such a moment, and it was very encouraging. When I was interviewing Tim for our video program “Word and Work: An Intersection,” he said Concordia Seminary is not the same Seminary you graduated from, even if you graduated just 10 years ago. Zing! I discovered the obvious.

Our obsession with Scripture and faith has not changed, but oh so much else has. After all, we’re not in the 20th century anymore. Compared to just 10 years ago, we are offering many more resources to laypeople and church workers, what we call “continuing education.” The Seminary just held its first Faith and Film Festival. Our Pre-Lenten Workshop, “Lent for All Nations,” will be Jan. 31. The Winter Lay Bible Institute on Feb. 8 will focus on David and the Psalms, led by Dr. Saleska. Featured chapel sermons, stories about students and professors, and much more information can be found at Throughout the year, professors travel the country and world to offer workshops and serve as guest preachers. And there is also our video program “Word and Work.”

I suspect many people picture the Seminary as classrooms in gothic buildings filled with young people studying for church work. In the 21st century, that’s an important part of what your alma mater does, but only a part. Our professors, aided by staff, spend much time providing resources to you and the laypeople you serve. I hope you’ll bookmark our website,, and follow and advertise our offerings. Go to for theological posts and discussion, and to for our scholarly resources.

Aha! Thank you for following what’s happening now in our shared mission for the Lord Jesus. As always, thank you for encouraging young men and women to consider pastoral and diaconal ministry. We do spend time in the classroom, but more than ever before we want to be with our graduates as you go into 21st-century ministry.


Dr. Dale A. Meyer, President
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis