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10th Annual Lecture in Hispanic-Latino Theology and Missions

Daisy Machado

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9th Annual Lecture: The Sense of Community Among Hispanic Latinos and the Future of the Church in the USA

Giácomo Cassese

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8th Annual Lecture: Foundations for a Biblical Theology of Immigration

Daniel Carroll Rodas

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7th Annual Lecture: Dealing with Culture in Theological Formation

Rev. Greg Klotz
Rev. Leopoldo Sanchez

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6th Annual Lecture: The New Latino Generations: Caught Between Two Worlds

Dr. Victor M. Rodriguez

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5th Annual Lecture: Unión, Reunión, y Comunión: Latino/a Religious Diversity and the Wager of Ecumenical Communion

Dr. María Teresa Dávila

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4th Annual Lecture: Leadership in Paul and His Communities: Theology and Practice

Dr. Efrain Agosto

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3rd Annual Lecture: Towards a Latino Lutheranism: Its Challenges and Points of Departure

Rev. Dr. Giacomo Cassese

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2nd Annual Lecture: Being In The Middle: Justice Across Borders

Dr. Hjamil Martinez-Vazquez

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1st Annual Lecture: The Journey of the Immigrant: A Theology of Migration

Dr. Daniel Groody

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Entrance (Congregational) Level

The purpose of the Entrance Level program is to provide lay people in the local Hispanic congregation with a foundational knowledge of Scripture and of Lutheran theology and practice. The courses are delivered primarily on-site at either regional centers or specific congregations. Local pastors or regional coordinators serve as course facilitators. The content of the material is delivered with DVDs. Course manuals and books guide the teaching and learning activities for each course. Students complete courses as rapidly or slowly as they can effectively master the material. Upon completion of the Entrance Level program, students are prepared for various kinds of leadership and service in local congregations as lay workers under the supervision of pastors.

What Exactly Is Justice? (English)

2015 Martin Luther King Jr Day Presentation at Concordia University, Nebraska

“What Exactly Is Justice?” was the message presented by Dr. Leopoldo Sánchez during a presentation at Concordia on Monday, Jan. 19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Sánchez’s presentation was open to the public and concluded with a question and answer session.