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Green & Gold Days Nov. 4


We welcomed three prospective students to campus for Green & Gold Days Nov. 4. Participants attended class with seminarians, took a tour of campus and met members of the faculty. They also attended Prof ’n Stein that evening. We pray for these men as they consider attending Concordia Seminary to pursue full-time ministry.

Know a prospective seminarian? We will have three visitation events in January for prospective students.

“We look forward to hosting people from around the country as they come to Concordia Seminary to experience firsthand life on campus and learn more about formation for ministry,” said Rev. Bill Wrede, the Seminary’s director of ministerial recruitment and admissions.

The admissions events include:

Shepherds of God’s Flock, Jan. 5: This one-day event is specifically for all men college-age or older to explore questions they have about coming to the Seminary. Participants will explore ministry through Bible Study, hear panel presentations from pastors and students, and talk with others who have the same questions.

Green & Gold Days, Jan. 6: This one-day event provides a quick opportunity for participants to attend class, worship in chapel and get to know both faculty members and current students. The event is geared toward career men and women college-age or older who are considering the ministry.

Taste of the Sem, Jan. 14-16: This is an opportunity for high school men to spend a weekend at the Seminary. They will delve into Lutheran theology, pray, worship, and meet and talk with Seminary students and professors. Every participant also will spend time with one Seminary student at his field education congregation Sunday morning and attend classes with him Monday morning. Throughout the weekend there will be a variety of social activities as well, including volleyball, basketball, foosball and Ping-Pong tournaments for the participants to get to know each other and seminarians.

Registration is free for all events. Housing and meals during the events will be provided at no cost to participants. To learn more about Seminary’s visitation events, call 800-822-9545, email or visit