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Dear alumni

Dear alumni

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, including some down time to be recharged physically and spiritually for the work in which you are now involved.

You know that Generations: The Campaign for Concordia Seminary was very successful, thanks to our Lord and the motivated people of the church. Many of them sit in your pews. Thank you for anything you do to keep them mindful that our Seminary is part of the mission.

Now, our focus is transitioning to Generations 20/20. This effort will have three major thrusts. First, increase enrollment. We’ll be very grateful if you’ll raise up church vocations to young people in your congregation. We have students on campus who had never thought about becoming a pastor until someone brought it up.

Second, we want more people in the pews to be aware that the Seminary has numerous resources for both laity and clergy to help them in faith and witness. We truly want to be a resource to you and the congregations of the Synod. If you’re familiar with our online offerings, you know they are many.

Thirdly, we want to undergird everything with financial dependability. The Generations campaign put us in a good financial position. Thus, M.Div. and Alternate Route students are now guaranteed tuition. Still, we remain dependent on donors for almost 70 percent of our needed annual revenue.

What thrills me about Generations 20/20 is these next three years will be hands-on. Recruit the pastors and deaconesses we’ll need in the future. Get resources out for laity and clergy. And continue to be financially dependable.  Thank you for helping your alma mater in any way you can!


Dr. Dale A. Meyer, President
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis